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Monitor Articles for February 27, 2010

Tsunami warning: Japan evacuates northern coasts
Hawaii tsunami a no-show. Tsunami warning lifted for Hawaii
Chile earthquake much stronger than Haiti's but far less damage. Why?
SeaWorld resumes shows with killer whales – but no 'Tilikum'
Desiree Rogers out, Julianna Smoot in (but scandal has nothing to do with it)
Chile earthquake, Hawaii tsunami: Why this happens
Obama on tsunami warning: Listen to local authorities.
Were Vancouver Olympics courses too hard? How fast is too fast?
Hawaii's tsunami warning: How the US is better prepared.
Hawaii tsunami warning: Hawaii begins evacuation on coasts
Desiree Rogers leaves the Obama White House: Who's next?
Chile earthquake: Chileans dig out after 8.8-magnitude earthquake
Is healthcare bipartisanship down the drain?
8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile, tsunami warning issued for Hawaii
Hawaii under tsunami warning after massive Chile earthquake
Hawaii tsunami warning issued following Chile earthquake
White House 'closely monitoring' situation following Chile earthquake
Chile rocked by 8.8 magnitude earthquake; tsunami warnings issued
Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii following massive earthquake in Chile
Guns at Starbucks? Pushing the right to bear arms in public
8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile -- tsunami warning issued
Vancouver Olympics medal count: US chances for Saturday
Apolo Ohno disqualified: Let the USA-Canada rumble begin!
Classic review: The Chosen