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Monitor Articles for February 19, 2010

Men's super-G finally shows America the real Bode Miller
Alarm at Austin plane crash troubles pilots
Obama aid package to help with home foreclosures
Kids react to Tiger Woods apology. How can parents talk about it?
USA beats the Winter Olympics medal table red, white, and blue
Mortgage delinquencies may be peaking, but housing market far from normal
Pennsylvania's state capital considers filing for bankruptcy
Shutter Island: movie review
The Ghost Writer: movie review
Happy Tears: movie review
Tiger Woods apology strategy: Heal the Tiger, then the business
Companies to build high-speed rail cars in the US
Obama sounds like Elvis Presley in Las Vegas: 'I love Vegas. Always have.'
Financial Peace University | Review #1
IRS: a frequent target of antigovernment violence
Dueling Jobs Credits: And the winner is—Obama.
Is China Turning Bearish on the U.S. Treasury?
How Anchorage fell in love with Olympian Holly Brooks
Obama as campaigner in chief: Will his record improve?
Could former UN nuclear boss ElBaradei bring democracy to Egypt?
The teams behind every Olympic athlete: parents, friends, fans
Can Harry Reid regain Nevadans' support?
Bode Miller and Weibrecht snag two medals for USA in Olympic super-G
Hulu coming to the Apple iPad, likely for a price
Superman, Spider-Man respond to a message of hope
In poor economy, health insurers are raising rates?
Inspectors: Iran possibly working on nuke. What's the evidence?
Retirement savings made tangible. What is a Roth IRA?
Vook nabs a reported $2.5 million in seed money
Do Climate Shocks Make Poor Nations Poorer?
Wii curling: Let the giggle games begin
Bode Miller, ski tinkerer, wins silver in the super-G
Bank bonuses: We win, you lose
Georgia's Saakashvili pushed an act for economic liberty
After Fed's rate hike, 'double dippers' emerge and see their shadows
The Monitor's View The Tiger Woods apology: a matter of authenticity
In Aceh Indonesia, Islamic police take to the streets
As Haiti's airport reopens, US military shifts its role
Teen says school spied on him at home via school-issued laptop
Tiger Woods apology: golfer promises a return to Buddhism
The equity culture’s demise? It's more vibrant than ever.
Opinion Posner, Kouwe, and Hegemann: old-school vs. new-school attitudes about plagiarism
Do you remember where you were when the Fed raised the discount rate?
US dollar strength will reduce US corporate profits
Lahore fashion week takes on Talibanization in Pakistan
Opinion What happens after Guantánamo?
When things go boom in the night, Pakistanis blame Blackwater
No water? No problem for these Jordanian farmers.
At White House, the Dalai Lama sidesteps trash
Former terrorist: Austin attack reflects growing US turmoil
Rapper Sky Blu says Mitt Romney used 'Vulcan grip' on him in plane fiasco
Underwear bomber's London mosque under pressure
What does the Fed's discount rate increase mean?
An Economic History Lesson on Adapting to Climate Change
The nursery industry is facing tough times
The Spanish reversal
Why Ubisoft DRM for Assassin's Creed 2 has outraged gamers
Ireland's rural wasteland: a legacy of deep recession
Winter Olympics and the diminishing value of performance
South Korea cleans up its snack carts
Mexico: Cellphone clash of the titans
Greenspan the libertarian
Is Michelle Obama packing the White House with socialist literature? No way!
In surprise move, the Federal Reserve raises a key discount rate
Olympics schedule Friday: medals in skeleton, skiing
A Hawaiian garden paradise
Top question for fiscal commission: Are Americans better than leaders ask us to be?
Worse than the US budget: the shadow financial industrial governmental complex
UN says Iran enriching more uranium, warns of nuclear bomb program
Even in the heart of the Olympics, a foreclosure
Olympic figure skating: A night of poetry equal to Johnny Weir’s roses
Hannah Teter: Olympic silver medal, heart of gold
Letting go of fear
How Evan Lysacek won and why judges don’t like Johnny Weir
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
Kristin Lavransdatter
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