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Monitor Articles for February 14, 2010

US Nordic combined 'band of brothers' celebrate historic Olympic medal
Cheney gives Obama some credit (sort of) on national security
Nordic combined: Johnny Spillane breaks 86-year US drought
Hillary Clinton's Middle East tour: It's all about Iran
Marjah offensive a test of Obama's broader Afghanistan strategy
Five reasons to resist the Valentine's Day hoopla
Biden vs. Cheney: three points of dispute
Nordic combined: US on the brink of winning first Olympic medal
Whaling: Will Greenpeace trial in Japan put whalers on notice?
America's Cup race goes to American ingenuity
Olympics schedule 2010: Sunday's events
Dick Cheney not sold on Sarah Palin presidency
Afghanistan war: Marjah battle as tough as Fallujah, say US troops
Will India and Pakistan talks survive Pune bombing?
Lebanon marks five-year anniversary of Hariri assasination
Classic review: The Jane Austen Book Club
Olympic Games: Hannah Kearney leads America to golden first night