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Monitor Articles for February 12, 2010

Tea Party movement full of racists and conspiracists according to FOX poll
Nodar Kumaritashvili crash: what we've learned
What's with these snowstorms? Natural patterns, plus randomness.
How Vancouver can hold a Winter Olympics with no snow
Silicon Valley's innovation engine at risk, report says
Patrick Kennedy's planned retirement deals Democrats another blow
Luge death of Nodar Kumaritashvili shows danger of Whistler track
Video: US Olympic aerialist Ryan St. Onge and luger Erin Hamlin
Gen. Frederick C. Weyand, last Vietnam commander
Impatient Congress strikes out on its own to sanction Iran
Vancouver 2010 Olympics: A geeks' guide
Year of the tiger? No, year of the hamster.
Bill to rein in filibuster introduced. Long shot?
20 insurgents killed as Jihadist attacks rise in Russia's Caucasus
Airborne laser shoots down missile in mid-flight
Dan Abrams rolls out Geekosystem tech blog
Venezuela: Rise and shine and get your manicure
NPR's Three-Minute Fiction contest: Round Three offers cash for more-efficient appliances
What's wrong with Google Buzz?
Vancouver opening ceremonies: Luge athlete Mark Grimmette to carry US flag
Is it possible to be a cheapskate on Valentine's Day (and live)?
Snow in all 50 states? New storm could make that true.
Olympics Opening Ceremony start time and schedule
The Monitor's View Greek deficit crisis holds lessons for US, others
Iraq election campaign opens with concern over sectarian disqualifications
Monitor Breakfast Economist Christina Romer: no lessons for US in Greek debt crisis
Scientists blare Rush Limbaugh show at beetles to stop deforestation
Why Harry Reid is stripping down jobs bill
Austria bankers fear wave of bad loans tied to Eastern Europe
Winter Olympics: Who will win the most medals?
Toyota recall: Three questions left unanswered
Opinion 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: What about Vancouver's homeless?
Remembering the Frisbee inventor and his simple sports innovation
North Korea edges toward new nuclear talks
Opinion A Valentine's day lesson for a down economy
More great seed companies you may not know
Be My Valentine? Global poll says 1 in 5 prefer to spend Feb. 14 with their pet.
Fireworks at hand, I'm ready for Chinese New Year
The Medea Hypothesis: A response to the Gaia hypothesis
Yemen marks cease-fire with Houthi rebels
You are caused by Love
The Postmistress
Eight Lives Down