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Monitor Articles for February 1, 2010

QDR: Pentagon revises its long-held two-war doctrine
Education reform: Obama budget reboots No Child Left Behind
Obama's federal budget: What's in it for cities?
Haiti: Americans accused of child trafficking could be tried in US
Three reasons Obama on YouTube is better than a press conference
Obama's budget would scrap NASA's moon mission
Groundhog Day: PETA wants to replace Punxsutawney Phil with a robot
Nuclear waste storage in limbo as Obama axes Yucca Mountain funds
Toyota recall: Five steps Toyota owners can take now
In Gates's Pentagon budget, humble pie for Lockheed Martin
Did J.D. Salinger's quest for anonymity make him all the more famous?
Obama budget: White House defends $1.267 trillion federal deficit
Right click to harvest your crops in FarmVille
JooJoo tablet will ship soon, rival Apple iPad, CEO says
Q&A: Who else could help in Afghanistan?
Illinois primary: GOP jockeys to make gains in Obama's home state
2/1/10 Monitor Books podcast, including interview with Sadie Jones, author of "Small Wars"
South Korea: Chinchilla with your chai?
Olympics: a maverick skier who could medal
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Pedaling into a new way of life
India's sacred cows also touted as economic savior
Airplane contrails and their effect on temperatures
Difference Maker Kurt Holle's ecolodge employs locals while slowing the devastation of the Amazon
Obama budget wouldn't trim trillion-dollar deficits until 2012
USS Vinson to leave Haiti soon, signaling turning point in aid efforts
Israel admission on white phosphorus doesn't settle larger debate
The Monitor's View Obama’s new hardball with China, Iran
The top easy-care roses
Peru farmers drop cocaine in favor of cocoa
Why Obama is selling his budget on YouTube
Amazon capitulates in pricing war with Macmillan, but not without a fight
Israel says white phosphorus use in Gaza "exceeded authority"
Japan leads the race for a hydrogen fuel-cell car
Haiti 'orphan' rescue mission: Adoption or child trafficking?
Amazon vs. Macmillan: The latest round in the book wars
Apple iPad has tablet market cornered -- for now
Shiite pilgrims targeted as Iraq bombings intensify
Opinion US high-speed rail to the rescue
Opinion Trash: America’s best bet for energy independence
The great electric car race of 2010
After Afghanistan conference, an optimistic Karzai
Who’s who in the Pakistan Taliban
Israelis disciplined for white phosphorus attack on Gaza
Embracing Haiti's orphans
Our Times: The Age of Elizabeth II
Abigail Adams