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Monitor Articles for December 8, 2010

Jerry Brown gives California lawmakers budget warning: brace yourself
In plan to attack recruiting center, echoes of Christmas tree bombing plot
Al Qaeda? North Korea? Who Americans see as greatest security threat.
WikiLeaks cyberattacks now involve Visa, Facebook, Twitter, MasterCard
'Too good to be true': SpaceX mission appears nearly flawless
Why are USDA officials off the hook in case of bias against black farmers?
Bestselling books the week of 12/9/10, according to IndieBound*
Apple iPad 2 will ship by February: report
Arizona illegal immigrant employment law before Supreme Court
START treaty: Obama confident new nuclear pact with Russia will pass Senate muster
Last governor's race finally settled: Mark Dayton wins Minnesota
Arkham City trailer shows Batman facing off against a new enemy
Urban Meyer resigns as Florida head coach, this time for good
An inflated claim of health success in Afghanistan exposed
Bush tax cuts 101: Would extension boost the economic recovery?
Do UN sanctions matter for the Congo?
In Iraq, can State Department pick up where US military leaves off?
Medicare pay: Congress works to restore funds it once cut
Ireland cringes as chill of austerity budget sets in
Koreaceratops fossil discovered on Korean peninsula
John Lennon: Top 6 most influential songs
Commentary: Holding onto power isn't the best path for Ivory Coast
Cyberattacks persist as MasterCard slogs through WikiLeaks protest
Monitor Breakfast Pollster: voters still can't figure out Obama, but tax deal could help
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators fault US focus on settlements
The Monitor's View European debt crisis tests unity -- and global economy
Funding creativity and innovation (without patents or copyright)
Beauty contests, Nobel Peace Prize, and science awards -- Asian style
A modest proposal for Portugal
Obama to sign bill awarding payments to black farmers: justice or 'fraud'?
Workplace discrimination: Welcome to the 'glass cliff'
Urban economics: Superstar cities vs. 'mellow' cities
After failure of direct Middle East talks, does Obama have a 'Plan B'?
In Africa, homosexuality emerging as hot-button issue
Retirement funds: Should you diversify where they're held?
President Obama on 'Mythbusters': Will his death ray work?
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch: First step of new space era?
Latin America leader Brazil lags worldwide in OECD education rankings
Details of Sweden's case against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange
Monitor Breakfast Obama reelection prospects brighter with deal to renew tax cuts?
MasterCard website goes down. Payback from WikiLeaks supporters?
US, South Korea eye shift in rules of engagement on North Korea
Thousands of Haitians riot in capital over election results
Egyptian regime, bracing for succession, secures near lock on parliament
MBA takes 7-year-old business partner
How FDR put his stamp on 'day of infamy' speech after Pearl Harbor
Opinion President Obama: Call your own Nobel summit, and send China a message
Roger Clemens perjury trial delayed for 3 months
4 recent cases of plagiarism charges in the headlines
How WikiLeaks may give Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega an upper hand with US
John Lennon fans remember former Beatle in New York
Opinion Chief obstacle to Iran's nuclear effort: its own bad technology
Why did PayPal ditch WikiLeaks? The State Department asked it to.
China counters Nobel Peace Prize with Confucius Peace Prize
Shoe magnate walks all over city hall
Bush tax cuts 101: Do tax cuts for the rich help the economy?
Australia's Kevin Rudd: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange not responsible for cable release
Protection from terrorism
Couscous with curried baked lamb
Holiday cards, decorating too onerous? Outsource.
Reader recommendation: The Lees of Virginia
Facebook won't stop Wikileaks as status update numbers soar