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Monitor Articles for December 7, 2010

The top 10 weirdest stories of 2010
Unemployment benefits: Extension won't help '99ers'
Frogs pee out foreign objects stuck in their skin
Haiti election results could open spigot to billions in aid
Elizabeth Edwards, to many, embodied grace under fire
Bush tax cuts 101: Who will get what if Obama deal passes?
Report: Marriage is crumbling in blue-collar America
Auto loans: Return of the subprime borrower
Julian Assange, in his own words, about WikiLeaks' foes (VIDEO)
Angry Obama defends tax deal, with harsh words for both left and right
Nigeria charges Dick Cheney in bribery case
Elizabeth Edwards, advocate for changes in the health care system
Afghanistan war: why IEDs are taking a mounting toll
Petraeus comments on corruption went too far, say Afghans
Judge dismisses bid to remove Anwar al-Awlaki from US 'kill list'
Akatsuki Venus probe hits snag as it prepares to enter orbit
WikiLeaks ditched by MasterCard, Visa. Who's next?
Nexus S review roundup
Derek Jeter 'uncomfortable' with wrangling over his Yankees' contract
How well do you know Derek Jeter? Take our quiz
Oregon man changes his name from Douglas Smith to Captain Awesome
Explosion rocks one of India's holiest cities
US admits defeat on Israeli settlement freeze. Can it still broker peace?
Online job postings and more: How the Internet can make and save you money
North Korea and Iran cooperated on nuclear weapon development: Defector
Costa Rica's coffee farmers find another way to grind out a profit
Cleopatra: the true story
How military families will celebrate holidays with deployed relatives
Exploding the bubble cycle
Argentina latest in Latin America to recognize Palestinian state
New species of bacteria devouring Titanic wreck
US to federal workers: If you read WikiLeaks, you're breaking the law
West loses edge to Asia in education: Top five OECD findings
Does the Bill Gates approach to education work for peacebuilding?
A crisis management plan for the American jobs emergency
Pearl Harbor: 5 top books on the attack
Pearl Harbor day: How FDR reacted on December 7, 1941
Will WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, now arrested, take the 'nuclear' option?
Sudan referendum fuels tension in key border town of Abyei
The Monitor's View Tax compromise: Obama finally sets a bipartisan model
Russia rights groups get help from unlikely champion: Microsoft
Ahmadinejad: lift sanctions to boost Iran nuclear talks
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of December 6, 2010
East's early cold: 'Greenland Block' lets Arctic air slip to Deep South
PS3 update: What you need to know
Carrie Underwood top winner at American Country Awards
Job creation remains near-stagnant: New hires barely exceed job separations
Estate tax deal: worst part of a bad tax compromise
Job openings jump 14 percent in October
Food stamps: Another half million sign up
Opinion US Latinos have no single leader. And that's a good thing.
Unemployment benefits and tax cuts: 'compromise' as usual
Robert Gates in Afghanistan to view progress, meet troops
US students halt academic 'free-fall,' but still lag in global testing
Fourteen under one roof
Verbal Energy No 'spelling bee' election in Alaska
Why Britain is likely to send WikiLeaks' Assange to Sweden on rape charges
WikiLeaks mirror sites: A new lease on life for WikiLeaks
Fannie Mae: Mortgage delinquencies down in 2010
What's with the accent?
Thin Ice
Global Viewpoint WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the dark side of Internet freedom
Google eBooks: Does it give independent bookstores a fighting chance?
'Taxes up!' 'Taxes down!' Why we should look ahead, not behind
Pearl Harbor Day sees fewer surviving veterans from 1941 Hawaii attack(VIDEO)
3D TV network readying for prime time
White House Christmas tree ornament collection makes for a patriotic Christmas
Thinking the unthinkable: Let the euro-chips fall
How to get the new Facebook profile design now
Meeting the cost of raising children
Patriots, Jets: Are you ready for some 'evenly matched' football?
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange arrested in London on rape charges
Making It All Work: Getting perspective at 20,000 feet: areas of focus and responsibility
Why China will not do as Clinton asks on North Korea
Homemade chicken pot pie
3D TV: Here's what to look for
Going Home to Glory: A Memoir of Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower 1961-1969
Reader recommendation: Drood
Continental Airlines and Texas mechanic found guilty for Concorde crash