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Monitor Articles for December 4, 2010

Holiday gift guide 2010: Gadgets
Hammered in the Senate, Democrats must negotiate on tax cuts
If Americans had a vote, would they back deficit commission report?
Climate change negotiators in Cancun look to bridge gaps
Batman, Lovecraft, and sequels, oh my!
How many workers check e-mail on Christmas?
WikiLeaks and Julian Assange: Stateless, penniless pariahs?
Q&A: Why only 51 percent of Israelis support equal rights for Arab minority
For Israeli Arab teens, a way to serve the country – without joining the army
'Chasing Rainbows': New economic solutions for climate change
Could WikiLeaks survive without Julian Assange?
American Vampire
In honor of National Cookie Day: Salted maple thumbprint cookies
As he finishes his second year in office, Obama pardons nine people