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Monitor Articles for December 31, 2010

Oprah Winfrey channel debuts Saturday, but is it time for a new network?
Estonia embraces euros
'Snooki' Polizzi? Nope. Try these 10 weirdest New Year's Eve celebrations.
The 2011 seed catalogs are valuable gardening tools
Health care reform 101: What will kick in Jan. 1?
Chocolate fondue recipe
Dodge Ram recall: Chrysler / Dodge recalls almost 150,000 trucks and SUVs
Top 5 business deals of 2010 that hit your pocketbook
2011 predictions: interest rates around the world
Ground beef recall: 34,000 pounds of contaminated beef in six states
How Petraeus has changed the Afghanistan war
The Monitor's View Britain tries on a big heart in times of little cash
Education reform: eight school chiefs to watch in 2011
New year's mission at NASA: repair new cracks on Discovery fuel tank
Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon becoming less of a hotbed for militancy
Opinion To help the poor, get rid of their cash
Opinion Tired of failed New Year's resolutions? Use the Z-effect to your advantage.
Concerns about Ivory Coast election prompt unexpectedly strong foreign response
Senegal revives African culture festival, 33 years later
Nonalcoholic drinks for grown-ups
'Digital Confucius' introduces Chinese students to liberal arts at Yale and beyond
Will Obama’s lame-duck dealmaking survive in the new year?
Are micro-donations building a culture of donors?
Create a plan for your New Year's resolution
Nigeria's ruling party prepares for a stiff race at its nominating convention
Climate change cost-benefit: What's the upside to global warming?
Billy the Kid: why he missed out on a pardon once again
Ethnic studies classes illegal in Arizona public schools as of Jan. 1
2011 predictions: The U.S. economy (Prediction #2)
New Year's Eve 2011 around the world
Brazil's Lula, a high-school dropout, closes an exceptional era
New Year priorities: Tehran focused on turmoil at home, not nuclear program
From marijuana to 'sexting': new laws set to take effect Jan. 1
Eggs. Shrek glasses. Sure, but what was the top recall of 2010?
Credit repair: What's the smart plan for clearing out debts?
Britain says it will support military intervention in Ivory Coast
A look ahead and back
"How to Live" – how would Montaigne have approached 2011?