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Monitor Articles for December 3, 2010

"Damper" put on well-off, family-friendly community after suicide follows first Disney town murder
After being slighted, Bristol Palin pans Olbermann via Facebook
For California Republicans, was Election 2010 debacle a wakeup call?
For Europe, WikiLeaks offers cyberdrama with Julian Assange as main character
Bush tax cuts: why Democrats are planning two votes they know will fail
Tiny Furniture: movie review
Bhutto: movie review
Barney's Version: movie review
Clinton's WikiLeaks alchemy: Can she turn outrage into unity on Iran?
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Congressman Paul Ryan
Bestselling books the week of 12/2/10, according to IndieBound*
Does a rising German 'ecological-industrial complex' threaten the EU?
'Don't ask, don't tell': Can military handle a repeal of gay ban?
E-mail spam: Will it abate with arrest of alleged master spammer?
Mysterious fuel-tank crack delays space shuttle launch until 2011
Galaxy Tab sales soar past 1 million mark, Samsung says
37 years after escaping killing fields, a Cambodian returns as US Navy commander
Do Not Track list: How would it work?
Lake-effect snow response could have been better: NY Thruway
Chrome 8 quietly rolled out by Google
The Monitor's View Iran nuclear talks depend on the bite of sanctions
WikiLeaks: Five more of the strangest stories to emerge
France's season of scandal stirs rivalries within Sarkozy's party
Is deficit commission wrong? Critics say there's no national debt crisis.
This Week in the Great Lakes: Ben Affleck explains why Congo is worth caring about
4 great graphic novels for family entertainment
I don’t pick stocks, stocks pick me
In Prague, a nursery school without walls
Braised short ribs with polenta
Obama visits Afghanistan to thank troops, rally support back home
The hidden truth about the deficit
Deficit commission's work is finished. What happens next?
Employment: Payrolls added 39,000 in November
Israel wildfire: How it stacks up with five other devastating blazes
5 irresistible children's picture books
Not so fast on 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal, say top Pentagon brass
In South Africa, race divisions continue to influence the arts
Full-time unemployment rate 10.7 percent
Unemployment jumps, job creation slows. Is economic stall-out here?
Unemployment rises. Any good news for job seekers?
Climate change: Rising seas threaten coastal towns
Israel wildfire exposes gaps in emergency preparedness
What NATO looks like in the age of European austerity
Renewed violence prompts concern in Central African Republic
Braces maker Invisalign gets FDA warning on side effects
X-37B unmanned space plane returns to Earth
Two candidates claim victory in Ivory Coast election. Who's right?
WikiLeaks: Would First Amendment protect Julian Assange?
Opinion For real global security, put women in their place -- at the negotiating table
Unemployment persists: Half of jobless waiting six months
Arlington National Cemetery grave controversy continues with new problem
Entrepreneurial bullies
Global weather: 2010 in running to be warmest year on record
Unemployment jumps to 9.8 percent – highest since April
Sri Lankan president stung by British protests, WikiLeaks cables
An optimistic economist? Isn't that an oxymoron?
Opinion Do we really want China to be a responsible stakeholder in global affairs?
Jim Carrey in 'I Love You Phillip Morris': movie review
WikiLeaks and Amazon: A free speech issue?
Natalie Portman, a deeply dark 'Black Swan': movie review
Holiday gift guide 2010: Four video games
"Wimpy Kid" creator Jeff Kinney talks about his day job
WikiLeaks reveals depth of Israel's rift with Turkey
Intellectual Property 101: How to get – and challenge – a patent
Booted from US-based domain, WikiLeaks site finds refuge with Swiss Pirate Party
Europe snow storm death toll reaches 39
Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million Halliburton bribery case
European debt crisis 101
Pseudo-scientific attacks on social sciences
Obama should extend the Bush tax cuts to everyone – and, hey, he wants to
Erskine Bowles: a Democrat willing to swing the budget ax
Will applying for new credit cards hurt your credit score?
LeBron James: The King (still) rules the court in Cleveland
Comfort from the morning star
12 things I learned about pro football history
Making It All Work – getting perspective at 10,000 feet: projects
Reader recommendation: Where Men Win Glory
Pumpkin pancakes