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Monitor Articles for December 24, 2010

Christmas 'star': Some theories on what the Magi were following
Why Obama wins on the military but loses on the economy
End-of-year high note for Obama on foreign policy, too
How do you set financial priorities?
Day-after-Christmas sales: Stars are aligned for a super Sunday
Thermoses, coffee cups added to list of possible terrorist weapons
Blizzards will hit Heathrow again: How to prepare?
Top 5 overlooked stories of 2010
Mexico buys corn futures to ensure tortilla prices remain flat
Why Ahmadinejad is dismissing high-level Iranian officials
'Twas the time to recover and all through the shops...
Obama vacation book list: Is he reading up on bipartisanship?
Rethink your retirement plan
Opinion Happiness 101: Less tweeting, more meeting
Tiger Woods loses Gillette endorsement. Will 2011 be a turning point?
What's North Korea's next move? Perhaps a nuclear weapons test.
Opinion Could Acacia trees solve Africa's hunger problems?
Paris airport traffic latest to be snarled by Europe snow
Christmas lights: Outdoor displays go higher and higher tech (video)
Mortgage rates drop after five-week rise
How inflation creates commodity mini-cycles
Toyota hiring more workers in Indiana
Coming to iPad: Touchless technology like Kinect (video)
Mumbai on edge after police say militants plan terror attack
The real reason Republicans don't want the new START treaty
Home for the holidays
Making It All Work – in the real world
Christmas popovers