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Monitor Articles for December 23, 2010

'Tis the season for flash mobs, you say? They're just getting started.
EPA presents plan on greenhouse gases. Can next Congress stop it?
How to pick a college? 10 tips for seniors from their peers
Snow storm: Who will get a white Christmas?
Mysterious X Woman finds place on humans' family tree
Festivus and three other made-for-TV holidays
Iran's Ahmadinejad urges West to choose 'path of cooperation'
Hugo Chávez tightens his grip in Venezuela. Can US do anything about it?
Despite Greece's 2011 austerity budget, a financial chill deepens in Europe
2010: The year Washington became business friendly
In boost for economy, consumer spending and confidence post gains
Google logo today: Decoding Google's holiday doodle
Festivus becomes worldwide holiday. Break out the Festivus pole! [video]
Iran ends fuel and food subsidies -- and my easy access to saffron
Euphoric about a euphorbia
Is Al Shabab gaining or losing ground in Somalia?
The future of the Midwest
Taliban Christmas trees, Bethlehem disco carols, and other yuletide tales from the Monitor's vault
On Christmas, a story to warm the hearts of even the most jaded
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of December 20, 2010
Finally, the whole tree issue: solved!
Rome explosions at embassies linked to Italian anarchists
Bashir: Sharia law will be strengthened if South Sudan votes to secede
The Monitor's View Can Washington's lame duck walk into the new year?
Did WikiLeaks bring on cyberwar? Maybe a cyber sit-in.
Real-life Grinch couldn't stop Christmas for Boston's needy children
Who make the best consultants for start-ups? Customers.
Opinion In the bah-humbug of Christmas present, would Tiny Tim get Scrooged?
North Korea sees war games and Christmas tree as it gazes across tense border
Obama vacation: What flavor shave ice will he order?
Gas prices hit $3 a gallon, highest in 27 months. Will they go higher?
Clean out your closets and liquidate
Rahm Emanuel clears one hurdle in Chicago mayor's race; more ahead
Why foreign forces are unlikely to intervene in Ivory Coast
US Senate ratification of New START treaty keeps US-Russia 'reset' on track
Opinion How the US government – and you – should assess secrets in the WikiLeaks age
Skype brings 10 million users back online, but millions more still without call service
Would global warming be so bad?
2011 safest cars announced: Is your dream car a top pick?
Tax and spend destroys living standards
American education under attack
What's your 2010 political IQ? Take the quiz.
2011 Bespoke Roundtable is out!
Six big achievements of a surprisingly 'do something' Congress
Russia expels British diplomat in latest blow to better relations
Toward justice and freedom for all
A lesson from snowman cupcakes
The Great Walk of China
Reader recommendation: War Like the Thunderbolt
Worldwide Skype outage highlights dependence on VoIP