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Monitor Articles for December 22, 2010

Existing home sales improve, but still at distress levels
Mortgage relief? Not so much from Obama program.
Guantánamo: Is Obama's vow to close detention camp facing a reality check?
Broadway's accident-prone 'Spider-Man': Will it be worth the trouble?
When is mudslide danger greatest? Lessons from California storms
Congress approves $4.2 billion in new aid for Sept. 11 responders
Obama hails lame-duck Congress's respite from partisan squabbling
'Don't ask, don't tell': Repeal signed, sealed, but when will it be delivered?
Holiday season prompts stepped-up security against terrorist attack
What's new with Titan? Five intriguing findings about Saturn's moon
New START treaty: Sen. Kerry as statesman
New START treaty: How will next efforts for nuclear weapons reduction fare?
Abbey Road crossing now is heritage site
Solar Sail flotilla could prevent potential giant asteroid impact
This ain't the 1930s
Ivory Coast opposition wants President Gbagbo ousted by force
Rhodesian Ridgeback gives birth to 17 puppies
Suicide attacks down, Predator drone exits, and other overlooked stories in 2010
What's up with Michigan? US Census shows its population stuck in reverse.
Bush-Obama tax cuts: At least my dog didn't die this weekend
Christmas cards: University worker cheers injured troops
The Monitor's View New, inclusive Iraqi government: A better partner for US
Green economics: Can we 'decarbonize'?
Will France be the next euro nation to fail?
Hey, space hounds! Here's our top space stories of 2010. What are yours?
Haley Barbour: Will his comments on civil rights era nix a presidential run?
Home sales jump: Might rising mortgage rates help, not hurt?
The unwavering and inimitable Ron Paul
Four reasons why London's Heathrow Airport faltered under snow
Google Ngrams: Google outranked Wikipedia ... in 1900
'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal: Will there be political fallout?
GDP growth revised up. Should you believe it?
Israel warns Gaza missiles could provoke new offensive against militants
Mexico activists vow to press ahead after mother seeking justice is murdered
Net Neutrality: Why the new rules don't guarantee internet equality
Is Facebook headed to China?
WikiLeaks army 'Anonymous' eyes Bank of America with 'Operation BOA Constrictor'
Iraqi Christians face a somber Christmas
Create a debt repayment plan
2010's opening lines: Mix and match
Opinion Democrats' last line of defense against GOP gerrymandering: the Voting Rights Act
Will Brazil's Lula run again in 2014?
Voters’ best interest?
Opinion Democrats, don't panic over post-Census redistricting
Kenya and Uganda boost security after grenade blast linked to Al Shabab
Mauldin: US banks have plenty of euro exposure
South Korea launches fresh round of military drills as North Korea seems to soften
One man's plan for free Internet for the world, via satellite
What's your message?
Coconut macaroons
Mark Zuckerberg meets Chinese businessmen, but would Facebook ever take off in China?
A Voice from Old New York
Reader recommendation: Julius Caesar