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Monitor Articles for December 20, 2010

Hexavalent chromium: Chemical found in drinking water of 31 US cities
Beyond 'don't ask, don't tell': How is military planning to make it work?
2010 Census and politics: Are economic forces redrawing congressional map?
Why did 'Tron: Legacy' do so well at the box office?
START debate: 3 things nuclear arms treaty would do, 3 things it won't
Consumer spending is up: Are Americans enjoying a post-recession holiday?
Soggy California braces for deluge, as more storms take aim
Inside the FBI report: The recession is hard on criminals, too.
Senate aims to take up bill to compensate Sept. 11 responders
Lunar eclipse tonight will likely be totally eclipsed by clouds
Grinch steals children's gifts, but Boston's Christmas spirit shines
Prominent politician Diego Fernández de Cevallos freed in Mexico
Death squads reemerge in Ivory Coast as president contests election results
How well do you know Louisa May Alcott? A quiz.
Inflation fears? Not in November
Lunar eclipse tonight: How it helps the search for extraterrestrial life
Line too long at the post office? Here are three no-wait alternatives.
FBI report: Crime statistics improve for first half of 2010
Betty White voted AP entertainer of the year for 2010
The Christmas gift that makes a killing – by preventing one
The Monitor's View FCC and Internet broadband: Why a rush to regulate?
Opinion Is the Senate working during Christmas holidays sacrilegious?
The morality of underwater mortgages
Is gold a bubble? The blogosphere weighs in
Kate Middleton Prince William wedding souvenirs get royal approval
Motown's blues
Homelessness besets more women. How to respond?
Cyclamen is a great holiday plant
Fewer bad eggs? Food safety bill is revived, heads to Obama's desk
South Koreans see North Korea's restraint as calculated
SUVs: Road salt forces Honda Passport recall
Ahmadinejad cuts Iranian subsidies, quadrupling the price of gas
Word of the year 2010: 'Austerity' beats 'socialism' as Webster's word of the year
Trains, British Airways planes, and automobiles all yield to Europe's snow
What do solar panels do for your home's resale value?
WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange: 'Terrorist' or journalist?
Abbas invites Israeli lawmakers to lunch in Ramallah
Iraq halfway toward forming a cabinet – nine months after election
Santa Claus? Yes and no, Virginia.
Out with the old, in with the new: Plan how to erase that mistake
You bought it. Are you happy?
Difference Maker She went to New Orleans to clean up after Hurricane Katrina – and stayed to start a charter school
Opinion Why Cancun trumped Copenhagen: Warmer relations on rising temperatures
Storm wallops West. Will it bring East coast first Christmas snow since 2002?
Oprah's book club picks falling short
Small businesses still hunkering down
Belarus election ends in protests, police crackdown
Lunar Eclipse Monday night: Where can it be seen?
Monitor photos of the year 2010
Stock prices to watch: Crossing Wall Street has released their 2011 'Buy List'
British official: 'necessary to take action' now against 12 men suspected in terror plot
Mark Zuckerberg in China: Plans to expand Facebook?
North Korea refrains from retaliation after South Korea artillery drill
IRA contributions: Am I eligible?
Crispy roasted pork (porchetta)
Stock prices mixed as traders watch Koreas
The Masque of Africa
Reader recommendation: Wise Ones of Mull
Family harmony at Christmastime