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Monitor Articles for December 19, 2010

Christmas movie trivia: Take the quiz
Credit scores: Advice to a college student
Financial aid: Tax credit extended as college tuition continues to rise
Some now see Obama as the 'comeback kid'
Israel says its air strike killed five Gaza militants planning attack
Lunar Eclipse: First to coincide with Winter Solstice in 372 years
War on Christmas? What war on Christmas?
White Christmas snow brings Britain to a standstill
Yeonpyeong Islanders flee in advance of South Korea's expected live-fire drills
Book review: 'Smart Is the New Rich'
How well do you know the New England Patriots before Tom Brady? Take our quiz.
China's Wen Jiabao bolsters ties to Pakistan
How parents keep the faith: The rock of belief is at home
How parents keep the faith: a Christmas gift of mitzvahs
How parents keep the faith: Teaching the religion of Islam at home
How parents keep the faith: Mandate a moral code, not theology
How parents keep the faith: getting spiritual meaning at home, not church
Ice Bowl II? Vikings vs. Bears in rare outdoor home game
Gulf oil spill: Deep water cleanup still needed?
Classic review: The Man Who Invented Christmas