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Monitor Articles for December 16, 2010

Study: Baja earthquake sign of a bigger one to come?
Is Facebook down? Not anymore.
'What’s in Rahm Emanuel’s basement?' Five curious questions at Chicago hearing.
Decoding Obama's comments on war in Afghanistan: What did he really mean?
Where polar bears might go if climate change doesn't slow
Ivory Coast conflict deepens as protests mount over disputed elections
Facebook knows your face. Is that a problem?
Mortgage investors no more, traders move into stocks. Rates rise.
Asylum seekers search continues in rough Australian waters
Broadband Internet: Google delays announcing test cities
Kwame Kilpatrick, father both indicted on federal corruption and extortion charges
Report: 15 cases where sex offenders got jobs at US schools
Record-low support for Afghanistan war shows Obama's vulnerability
Obama tax deal: why estate tax is the new sticking point
Bolivian land reform: a country strives to sustain an 'agrarian revolution'
Global Viewpoint How to solve European debt crisis? Create a European treasury to back EU bonds
Oil spill lawsuit causes BP shares to drop 2.8 pct.
Has England eliminated the gender pay gap?
Amid persisting economic duress, worries rise about suicides
EU opens the door to citizen petitions for new laws
With Mideast peace talks adrift, the US searches for Plan B
La Revolución will outlive Fidel Castro, says US cable from WikiLeaks
The ICC trial won't lead to reform in Kenya
In deadly Kandahar, skepticism over gains cited in Afghan war review
Opinion How to fight jihad in America
Initial unemployment claims drop 3,000 from last week
Russia's Putin warns of police crackdowns on agitators in annual telethon
NYT got it wrong on the health care big picture
The Monitor's View Obama must better rally Americans behind the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Smartphones patent war heats up
India, China shake hands on trade, but border disputes prove intractable
David R. Francis Slow decade ahead for US, not a lost one
Ice storm chaos: How Atlanta commute turned into a demolition derby
Group aids consumers' efforts to eliminate support for Congo's 'conflict minerals'
Malaysia parliament suspends opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim
Bill Clinton museum: What memorabilia should be in it?
Pentagon shifting Afghanistan war strategy to 'shoot more bad guys'?
This year on Ashura, Iran's opposition Green Movement stays below ground
Tax-deductible donation as low as $1? Yes, says micro-philanthropy.
Opinion Religion doesn't belong in public schools, but debate over Darwinian evolution does
Out with the old, in with the new: Create a five-year sketch
Juan Williams and others: does controversy produce good books?
Border deaths for illegal immigrants hit record high in Arizona sector
As Ghana begins oil production, Ghanaians worry about 'oil curse'
Conditions in Africa are improving – despite the NGOs?
South Korea moves to boost ties with China in wake of North Korea attacks
Christmas cookie swap: Chocolate Bites with Candy Cane Kisses
UN lifts Saddam-era sanctions on Iraq, ending a dark chapter
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange bail granted by British court
Worlds apart: a firsthand look at emerging market growth
Melting Arctic ice heralds new polar hybrids: Pizzlies and more
The right to safety in Pakistan
Homemade gift series: photo cubes
Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage
Reader recommendation: Colonel Roosevelt