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Monitor Articles for December 13, 2010

Diplomat Richard Holbrooke passes away
Hybrid cars: the 'Yo' coming to Russia
Obama tax deal gets nod from Senate. Will House risk making changes?
Bloomberg for president? could be just the vehicle.
Geminid meteor shower 2010: Why is the Phaethon asteroid going to pieces?
Geminid meteor shower: four viewing tips
Health care ruling: Are Obama's reforms in trouble?
Gas-guzzling clunkers surround Caracas climate conference
Sugar cereals vs. low-sugar alternatives: Kids will eat healthier according to study
Relatives of Spanish cameraman killed in Baghdad use WikiLeaks to press for justice
Bernard Madoff worker struggling to make bail in notorious case
Cheerleading backwards: arguing the null hypothesis
Credit cards? Nah! Americans moving to cash, debit cards.
Health care law: why federal judge struck key provision down
Michael Vick autograph, Jackson pratfall least of Cowboys' worries
Verizon iPhone reportedly spotted in the wild
Congo government official launches new party, promising "fresh air"
Gawker hack exposes user data, sparks Twitter virus
Should you pay cash for cars? Yes! Here's the math to prove it.
Unusual gifts for water gardeners
Snow storm snarls Midwest: Is US facing another extreme winter?
Jets coach Sal Alosi: Five acts of poor sportsmanship
How Obama's tax deal reinforces Republicans' trickle-down worldview
The Monitor's View Team Obama enters a new phase in Israel, Palestinian talks for the middle: Can cure partisan politics?
Home heating 101: six cold facts on staying warm this winter
When patents kill: Genzyme's patent-protected, life-saving drug
Opinion US debt: We can run, but we can't hide (Obama tax deal or not)
Ahmadinejad abruptly sacks foreign minister in favor of nuclear chief
For Britain's Prince Charles and Prince William, the 'royal treatment' diverges
Black Swan leads Critics Choice award nominations
Difference Maker How a college president toppled the ivory tower
What can lawyers claim in their ads? Supreme Court inaction sets no limit.
Peanut gallery comments on the Cancun Climate Summit
Aasia Bibi blasphemy case a symbol of Pakistan's religious intolerance
Has Obama won the tax cut staredown of 2010?
Kosovo election results delayed by irregularities
Medvedev vows crackdown on racist soccer fans after Moscow rampage
Attention, entrepreneurs: Apply to be a 'Top Small Company Workplace'
WikiLeaks cables reveal US-Algeria partnership for battling Al Qaeda
Nicaragua to vote on bills tightening Daniel Ortega's grip on security, media
Israeli police round up Palestinian youths, disregard their own laws, says rights report
Yeah, and emergency rooms just encourage drunk driving
Opinion Bernanke's bold QE2 finally explained -- with burgers and fries
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with pollster Peter Hart
Silvio Berlusconi's political fight is going down to the wire
Stock exchange upbeat on tax-cut expectations
Nielsen bookscan numbers: Amazon's early Christmas gift to authors
Geminids to rain gems down upon skywatchers Monday
Iran is not a rogue state, says Australia in WikiLeaks cable
Obama should back his commission, not his GOP sweetheart deal
The Confession
Handling the 'estate meeting'
On tax-cut deal, ignore Bill Clinton
Medicare and Social Security advocates nervous about tax cut deal
'What are People For?'
Sweden suicide bomber investigated by British police
Artichoke and potato frittata