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Monitor Articles for December 1, 2010

Unemployment benefits: not until Bush tax cuts pass, Senate GOP says
'Milestone' in bid to sniff atmosphere of a 'super Earth' light-years away
Federal Reserve's 'astounding' report: We loaned banks trillions
Health-care reform law is constitutional, federal judge rules
Could global warming-fueled 'compost bomb' destroy the world?
Obama backtracks on plan to open more Gulf waters to offshore drilling
Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton lobby for a US World Cup 2022
Congress lets unemployment benefits expire: 'What now' and six other questions
How much did TARP cost? $25 billion
Offshore drilling on East Coast rejected by Obama
Roman blinds: Lowe's recalls 11 million blinds and shades
Do you know your one-sentence story?
Google Editions: Can the Google e-book platform compete with Amazon?
Best books of 2010: fiction
US State Department tells employees not to read WikiLeaks
Japan's already-safe streets could become even safer for children
WikiLeaks evicted from Amazon servers
Cam Newton, despite dad's dealings, cleared by NCAA to play in SEC championship game Saturday
Hanukkah means house fires: Israeli firefighters
World AIDS Day 2010: France's Carla Bruni lauds pope for condom comments
China's carbon footprint
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange is merely 'fighting baddies,' says his mom
Sudan referendum galvanizing refugees outside Sudan
Roasted radicchio with white beans and tomatoes
Why Obama's latest bid to control national debt might not change anything
The Monitor's View Egypt election: a test for Obama rhetoric on democracy
Pompeii collapse affects 2 ancient walls, UNESCO inspecting damage
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: How much trouble is he in?
Where idealism meets consumerism
Will Facebook spell the end of Christmas letters?
Universe might hold three times more stars than previously thought
World AIDS Day 2010: Top signs of progress
Jon Gruden to meet with school officials about Miami coaching job, reports say
WikiLeaks gets muted political response in Pakistan
Japan's 'scientific' whaling season delayed, Sea Shepherd claims responsibility
What will expiring capital gains tax cuts do to the stock market?
Opinion Air quality in Beijing is 'crazy bad,' but China still beats US in green investment
Museums can lift your spirit. Just don't look too closely at some of the antiquities
Suddenly, Bernanke's Fed is a favorite punching bag. Why the pounding?
We should applaud when America is no longer exceptional in the world
How to find a part-time job for the holidays
SBA: Costs of regulation 'staggering' for small businesses
Opinion Media see WikiLeaks cables as security porn. They don't get it. Nor does Obama.
Private sector jobs grow, but recovery still anemic
WikiLeaks 101: Five questions about who did what and when
Airbus A320 will attempt to stave off competition until 2025
Holiday gift guide 2010: Four TV and movie classics
Egypt election routs popular Muslim Brotherhood from parliament
Who were the top hedgies of 2010?
Would the Bowles-Simpson proposal raise or lower your taxes?
"William and Kate" books rush to press
Google honors Rosa Parks with anniversary doodle
Chocolate Wars
Cost-effective terrorism
The market is falling! The market is falling! And it has a long way down to go.
As host of Cancún climate talks, Mexico shows off its greener capital city
Interpol targets WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with 'red notice'
A ready remedy for stressed parents
Debt reduction plan helps childless workers
Deficit reduction plan would tax health insurance
Sour economy could put Sarah Palin in the White House
What Austrian economics is – and what it is not
For Obama, showdown over tax cuts for the rich
DARPA's mysterious X-37B Space Plane Earth-bound