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Monitor Articles for November 9, 2010

Homeland Security talks about air cargo changes needed
California 'mystery missile' ignites debate: Friend, foe, or faux?
Satellite to beam solar power to Earth, a la Bond movie
Milky Way bubbles could signal massive black hole eruption
Scientists find that whales get sunburns, too
Deepwater Horizon crew lost focus, suggests Gulf oil spill panel
Egg recall: DeCoster-linked farm releases contaminated eggs. Again.
Commercials, kids, and materialism
Obama team braces for Rep. Darrell Issa, avid investigator
Support for tea party? Its goals, yes. The movement, not as much.
Does the GOP really want to slash spending in a weak economy?
Eye of the hurricane
Butternut squash ravioli with butter sage sauce
Sarah Palin and Wall Street Journal in a food fight: Who's right?
How Israel's easing of Gaza blockade has hurt Gaza business
Congo's problems are not limited to the Kivu region
Middle school trick play: Top 5 trick plays
Mysterious missile off California coast has many puzzled
Open house: Foreclosure art meets the whims of the web
Verbal Energy A yen to understand other people's money
Central planning vs. innovation: Which helps the people more?
Dinner fit for a prince
No piece of cake
November Lily
Batman goes global in "Batman, Inc."
Western Sahara clashes threaten UN talks between Morocco, separatists
Germany's 'beer bikes' could be taken off the roads
Waterboarding and other 'Decision Points' in Bush's war on terror
The agony of doing business in Congo
Welcome to the Fed's Magic Kingdom!
How to grow roses from seed
Windows Phone 7 launch reportedly off to strong start
Katherine Jackson on Oprah: Children coping with father's death
Opinion Time to be a better neighbor, India. If you don't, China will.
How an Iraqi Christian school became 82 percent Muslim
Even Attorney General Eric Holder answers the call of jury duty
New York City ants find a home in street medians
Gulf oil spill update: What's known now about cause and effects
This just in: Sudan referendum may not lead to war
Mr. Peanut, a genuine nut case, speaks out after 94 years of silence
Samsung smartphone line roars ahead with Galaxy S
In Iraq, Christians fear they could be wiped out – like Jews before them
How bad is waterboarding? Ask Christopher Hitchens. [video]
As Seoul prepares to host G20, Summers speaks of trade 'imbalances'
The Monitor's View Obama trip to 'Muslim' Indonesia: Why stereotypes don't work
Obama trip welcomes India to high table of global influence
Economic good news! Service industry up 10 percent to pre-recession levels
Opinion Progressives don't really get progress, but the American people do
Carnival Splendor cruise ship, with over 4000 aboard, disabled off Mexican coast
"William and Harry": What are the young royals really like?
George Bush 'Decision Points' – how many books will he sell?
Call of Duty: Black Ops review roundup
In China, Britain's Cameron aims to boost trade ties but can't escape human rights issue
The new stimulus: Invest in nerds.
Kristallnacht anniversary: Controversial Jewish speaker sparks Jewish ire in Germany
Stuffing recipes: Two ideas
Tensions in Western Sahara boil over, could derail talks
School reform: It's not about left or right
Tea party vies for seats at House GOP's table
Oil spill panel: a push for subpoena power in Deepwater Horizon probe
Opposition cries foul over Burma (Myanmar) election
Elizabeth Smart testifies to her abduction and vow to survive
Just how absurd is central planning?
Our role in the future of energy
In interview about 'Decision Points' memoir, Bush stands by waterboarding
Will Obama face a primary challenger in 2012?
Bank of America: Will lawsuits hurt its profits?
Making It All Work – Getting Control: Engaging
HDTV: Want a great deal? Move fast.
Obama arrives in Indonesia to fanfare, but Mount Merapi ash will cut visit short
Nearly half of Afghans believe country is 'moving in the right direction,' survey says
In Peru, Lori Berenson's parole spurs concern that former rebels could be freed
Saul Bellow: Letters
Reader recommendation: News To Me
Jason Garrett and Paul Pasqualoni take over after Wade Phillips fired from Dallas Cowboys
Goodwill donations turn up Dali print in Colorado