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Monitor Articles for November 8, 2010

The Monitor's View The 2010 election was a call to cut public pensions
US says it has legal authority to kill American-born Anwar al-Awlaki
States' bailout: Largest 15 states spend over 220 percent of tax revenue
Conan O'Brien returns -- to a changed late-night landscape
Unusual leaves add interest to the garden
QE2 101: How the Federal Reserve managed to print money
Tom Foley concedes Conn. governor's race. What happened to GOP's challenge?
Gulf oil spill: Greed didn't trump safety, says Deepwater Horizon panel
QE2 101: How more money will stoke inflation
Jeep Grand Cherokee: Its redesign boosts a Chrysler turnaround
After GOP victory, emboldened Israel declares new building in East Jerusalem
How popular will Anwar al-Awlaki's latest video be?
Wade Phillips fired by Cowboys, according to reports; Jason Garrett to replace Phillips as head coach
The five most dangerous countries for journalists
Food price inflation isn't theoretical anymore
Energy's checkered past and elusive future
Queen Elizabeth says 'friend me' on Facebook
If Republican Lisa Murkowski wins in Alaska, will her politics change?
Droid Pro available for pre-order beginning Tuesday
Reader question: How do you survive a rough patch?
Chicken paprika
Just because
Obama presses India to become global 'champion' of democracy
Bush 'not telling truth' in 'Decision Points' memoir, says German ex-chancellor
Ban Ki-moon tells Sudanese political groups to not risk stalling South Sudan referendum
New Michael Jackson song prompts more controversy
Jeff Gordon-Jeff Burton fight overshadows Hamlin Texas victory and tight NASCAR Chase for the Cup(VIDEO)
Iraq's divided leaders meet for the first time since March elections
Jeep Grand Cherokee helps Chrysler narrow loss
Broadband service: blacks, Hispanics still lag
France opens sensitive question: who should attend Nobel ceremony honoring Liu Xiaobo
Printing money won’t correct the correction
In India, Gibbs risks life (well, limb anyway) for White House press corps
Has GOP won enough power to pass its agenda?
Obama in India: Why his Security Council overtures ring hollow
'Decision Points': 8 most interesting revelations
One of America's economies is recovering. The other isn't. Which are you in?
Fareed Zakaria: Americans want a 'magic' economy
Free Wi-Fi on some domestic flights, courtesy of Google
X-rays add bony style to Google doodle homepage
Russian journalist's beating signals looming Medvedev-Putin battle
You can't buy love. Usually not elections, either.
Al Qaeda in Yemen claims responsibility for cargo bomb plot. What else has it done?
Postelection violence in Burma (Myanmar) shows fragility of cease-fires
New energy: climate change and sustainability shape a new era
10 "must-read" energy books
Finding money-making opportunities at work
The Fed's move to buy up US Treasury bonds sets China and US up for a duel at G20
Power Trip: The Story of America's Love Affair with Energy
Debate on politics and news doesn't end with Olbermann's suspension
General Motors: IPO too cheap at $29 a share?
In Melbourne, Mullen keeps US sights on China, Iran
Euthanized cows and caves full of cheese: the government policies behind 'Got Milk?'
Unemployment falls, so Vermont cuts jobless benefits
Unemployment persists longer than ever
Pecan crunch pumpkin muffins
Stock exchange outlook: stocks to fall
Brand new thinking about government?
Time to revisit Social Security reform?
Difference Maker Matching kids with adults who live their dream
Walter Rodgers The Arabs' worst enemy: themselves
Opinion Boehner will fail, and Democrats will pounce in 2012
Gates: Military force is not the only way to deter Iran
Amid Burma (Myanmar) election, China-built dam highlights plight of ethnic minorities
God in our hearts and communities
Amanda Knox indicted for slandering Italian police in 2007
Retirement plans: Does a 401(k) make more sense than a Roth IRA?
Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase object of mortgage lawsuits