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Monitor Articles for November 30, 2010

No damage reported after minor New York earthquake
It's National Fiscal Responsibility Week. (Not!)
Actors flying too high for Spider-Man on Broadway
Who will get Bush tax cuts? Congress can't decide.
National debt: Will anyone buy Obama panel's bold plan?
Scientists recreate conditions at dawn of universe
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: What does he want?
Food Safety Act: five food recalls that rattled the industry
Supreme Court: Can judges tell California to release 40,000 prisoners?
For Obama and GOP leaders, just meeting is a bipartisan accomplishment
Ecuador and Venezuela compete to praise WikiLeaks' Julian Assange
Should TSA let airport passenger screening go to the dogs?
The ultimate in easy ponds - almost
Opinion ‘We cannot deal with these people’: WikiLeaks shows true feelings on Guantánamo
Credit cards way past due? Call the company anyway.
WikiLeaks release: How China sees North Korea
Drew Brees named SI 'Sportsman of the Year.' Who else could have been picked?
'Don't ask, don't tell' survey shows ambivalence to gays in the military
Kardashian debit card? Even Kardashians panned it.
The Monitor's View Washington best prepare for an age of WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: Does Sarah Palin think CIA should 'neutralize' him?
Capitalism's creative destruction is good. It just feels bad.
Two sisters bring performance art to Syria
List of planets spotted outside our solar system now tops 500
WikiLeaks reveals unflattering view of Kenya. Can US retain its influence?
Weathered beauty
Verbal Energy Obama brings shellac back into fashion
Best books of 2010: nonfiction
My adventures in Irish
How to make soup go away
First Western Fall
WikiLeaks hit again by DDOS cyber attack
Pumpkin velouté with pimentón and chipotle
Huge, boomerang-shaped galaxy spotted hurtling through space
WikiLeaks: What the world is saying
Consumer confidence rises. Did that drive Cyber Monday?
Do-it-yourself border patrol: one man's vigil with a gun and spotlight
Can we fix the deficit? Yes, we can!
Senate clears bill to tighten food safety. Will House go along?
Holiday gift guide 2010: Top 5 music picks
On World AIDS Day, infection rates are declining, but dwindling funds threaten progress
X-37B Space Plane: What's it for, exactly?
Opinion Yemen: Think things are bad now? Don’t let it run out of water.
Forget Iran. In Britain, WikiLeaks focus is on details about Prince Andrew.
Why Nicaragua and Costa Rica are in a tense standoff over a remote swamp
Stuxnet: Ahmadinejad admits cyberweapon hit Iran nuclear program
It's official: North Korea says 'modern' nuclear plant is operating
Stock exchange gorilla in the room: Europe
You can run from debt, but you can't hide
Medvedev misses chance to disprove WikiLeaks label: 'Robin to Putin's Batman'
Drew Brees named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year
Wal-Mart: Is Amazon replacing it as low-price leader?
Kinect sales top 2.5 million: Microsoft
How WikiLeaks could undo post-9/11 intelligence reforms
Home prices fall. Federal tax breaks still muddy picture.
Japan's response to North Korea takes on a sharper edge
Kate Middleton Prince William wedding: Vendors rejoice
Sarah Palin and the "America by Heart" book tour
California, at Supreme Court, fights judicial order on prison overcrowding
Obama to meet GOP leaders: Should Democrats be worried?
Did WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange commit a crime?
Prayer for mining communities in New Zealand
Cut the deficit? Easy, if you don't mind a lynch mob.
For Iran, WikiLeaks cables validate its skepticism of Obama's sincerity
Unemployment benefits expire Nov. 30
Since when is a payroll tax holiday responsible? Since Alice said so.
Loan modification: Oregon sues lender over fees
Stock exchange linkup for three Asian nations
Printing money causes the wrong kind of inflation
Japan shaken but not knocked down after Tokyo earthquake