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Monitor Articles for November 3, 2010

Cotton clothing prices set to rise due to cotton price hike
Speaker-to-be John Boehner: More confrontation or a hint of compromise?
3 great books for November
Did Americans reject clean energy by voting Republican?
Reader recommendation: Coming Back Stronger
After Baghdad bombings, Iraqis have harsh words for security forces
Did midterm elections lift Sarah Palin higher, or not?
Federal Reserve to buy $600 billion in bonds as hedge against deflation
US involvement in Yemen edging toward 'clandestine war'
Religious schools, government money? Supreme Court hears Arizona case.
Randy Moss to Titans: Nashville has another star.
No cutting back: the Bernanke money-printing story
Recession over? Not in these four cities.
Obama calls midterm elections 'humbling,' promises to do better
Comet Hartley 2: EPOXI probe flyby to yield rare close-up photos
Extend the Bush tax cut to the bottom 99 percent, but not the top 1 percent
Alaska Senate race results: Lisa Murkowski poised for historic win
Greek parcel bombs, Yemen plot may cause tighter cargo security in Europe
Midterm elections: International media reports on the 'pummeling'
Health-care reform: After big GOP gains, will it be repealed?
After election 2010, Europe asks why US no longer smitten with Obama
Tea Party Top 10 biggest winners and losers
The Monitor's View Midterm election shellacking: Obama must adjust
Homemade gift series: crocheted hat and scarf
Happy Meal ban passed: San Francisco says no to toys
Four lessons for Brits from America's midterms
Spectacular fall foliage from an unexpected source: blueberries
The tax increase no one’s talking about
Harry Reid wins reelection. Will the Senate leader wish he'd lost?
India's big week: A visit from Obama – and Indian-American Nikki Haley wins her election
Florida governor election results: Republican Rick Scott prevails in tight race
The tide has not changed
Storm Tomas loses speed, but Haiti and Jamaica remain on alert
In all-blue California election results, lessons for Democratic Party
Verbal Energy When manipulation gets out of hand
John Hughes China’s velvet glove conceals an iron fist
New US approach to Afghanistan insurgency: Vindication for Pakistan?
Voters pull the lever for change...again
Butternut and sage lasagna
Riding shotgun: Lee Friedlander photographs from the car
As Prop 19 to legalize marijuana fails in California, Latin American leaders breathe relief
World's smallest frog is also poisonous, research finds
South Korea's G20 summit security test: protesters and a volatile North Korea
A tournament far, far 'away'
A Taste of Place: Exploring the Vermont Cheese Trail
Opinion Election tally: Glenn Beck won. Progressivism lost.
New home sales are up...barely...but still 21.5 percent lower than last year
Obama, GOP leaders face the press for election post-mortems
Governor election results: At least 10 states flip Republican
Snitching in the name of national security
Diane Denish loses to GOP's Susana Martinez in NM gov race
Meg Whitman concedes defeat, asks supporters to unite
Sharron Angle fails to topple Nevada Sen. Harry Reid
Barney Frank and Mass. Dems regain footing
Nikki Haley credits Palin for helping message in SC
Linda McMahon, NBA's Bradley lose elections
Al Qaeda ally in Iraq says all Christians 'legitimate targets'
How to flee the Facebook frenzy
Washington, Colorado, Alaska Senate races: When will we know who won?
Top 10 biggest money savers
Indonesian volcano erupts again, sending evacuees fleeing further
A refuge for Indonesians
The best Twitter hashtags for writers and readers
After GOP landslide of Election 2010, what next for Obama?
Death tax showdown at the OK Corral
Wi-Fi, mobile integrator raises sales forecast
On historic night, Republicans sweep House Democrats from power
Washington: A Life
Will Republicans now impeach Obama? (Is that a serious question?)
Was Election 2010 about the tea party or Nancy Pelosi?
Reader recommendation: Remainder
Prop. 19 in California: legalized marijuana goes up in smoke
Amid big Republican gains, House gets more polarized
Democrats lose Obama's old Senate seat to Mark Kirk
Sarah Palin says election 'refudiates' Democrats. Yes, 'refudiates.'
For 2010, Twitter is election night go-to for average Joes
Nevada Senate race: Harry Reid wins in election night's biggest Houdini act
California backs Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer to reject rolling GOP tide
Big Republican gains in Ohio and Pennsylvania: a danger sign for Democrats
Is Marco Rubio brightest rising star of tea party?
Rand Paul's big Senate test: Can tea party compromise?