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Monitor Articles for November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: In these hard times, are Americans thankful?
Final launch of space shuttle Discovery delayed again
Tom DeLay: How his crowning moment became a money laundering conviction
Apple-I computer sells for $210K at auction
Facebook remains thick with malware: report
'Opt-Out Day' fizzles: Air travelers say scans aren't 'a big deal'
For grateful Thanksgiving travelers, a happy refrain: it could have been worse
For sexual crime victims, TSA pat-downs can be 're-traumatizing'
How earmark ban is already changing Capitol Hill
Thanksgiving dessert ideas
USS George Washington: What message does it send to North Korea?
The King's Speech: movie review
Tangled: movie review
Black Friday online deals? Log on Wednesday at midnight.
Ireland hangs on to its low corporate tax rate as if it's a life line
Who is flying?
Thanksgiving cookies
War in Afghanistan: Pentagon report cites 'progress,' provides little
Five Somali pirates convicted of attacking US Navy ship
Old-fashioned apple pie for Thanksgiving
The Monitor's View Obama uses gunboat diplomacy with North Korea -- and China
Andy Roddick flustered by flickering advertising lights
Perfect apple crumble pie
Robotic arm bends like elephant trunk, Dr. Octopus's tentacles
Making your own homemade pie crust
Egypt cracks down on Muslim Brotherhood ahead of elections
Rental cars which are recalled are being investigated for repairs
Rash of Rio violence rattles even hardened residents in Brazil's World Cup host city
Who needs Black Friday? More stores are opening Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving Cape Cod cranberry orange relish
New homes sales drop 8.1 percent in Oct., prices fall
Why US astronauts are celebrating Thanksgiving early
Final Afghan election results show Hazara minority trumped dominant Pashtuns
Why South Koreans think North Korean conflict won't escalate
Aasia Bibi, Pakistani Christian, will get clemency or pardon: presidential aide
John Hughes Why I'm keeping my Encyclopedia Britannica -- all 24 nondigital volumes
Amanda Knox parents hope appeal will lead to her release from Italian jail
Thanksgiving key lime pie
Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys: no 'shellacking' this day
New Zealand miners rescue unlikely after second underground explosion
Putin praises DiCaprio as 'real man' after harrowing journey to tiger summit
New home sales stay near the 50-year low
Christina Aguilera and Cher star in 'Burlesque': movie review
Jobless claims down: A new declining trend?
Quantitative easing, trading, and the viral bunnies
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010 a holiday tradition
Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal star in 'Love & Other Drugs': movie review
Sweet potato casserole
Secret US X-37B space plane could be coming to end of mission
Southern pecan pie
Ex-Sec. of Homeland Security: Use my nude scanners or be sexually assaulted
British students return to streets, vowing to press on against tuition hikes
Vegan mashed potatoes
ICC to name Kenyan politicians behind 2007 poll violence
The deficit isn't a math problem – it's a rules problem
Ireland and Greece: very different financial meltdowns
Wisconsin tornadoes: Rare but potent in November
Leonardo DiCaprio gives Russia's tiger summit a helping hand
Belgium charges nine terror suspects after raids across Europe
Thanksgiving anywhere you are
Year of Meteors
Reader recommendation: Shadow of the Silk Road
Richard Seymour fined after hitting Ben Roethlisberger
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with fiscal commissioners Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles