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Monitor Articles for November 22, 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi reunited with son after ten years
Jennifer Grey in first place for finale of 'Dancing With the Stars'
HD TVs: 4 Ways to Save for the holidays
Gulf oil spill: Offshore drilling firms threaten to go abroad
Lame-duck Congress's first task: avoid a government shutdown
Could Democrats give Obama trouble in 2012? War in Afghanistan is key.
Cambodia Water Festival turns tragic with deadly stampede
Do Wi-Fi signals kill trees?
Should Pluto be restored as a planet? Experts weigh in.
3D or no 3D? 'Harry Potter, Part 2' aims for it, but is that a mistake?
Bare feet to pat-downs: Five big changes in TSA screening at airports
Stock prices pare losses from steep sell-off
Global warming: carbon dioxide emissions worldwide fell in 2009
Poll: Sarah Palin can't beat Obama. But Mitt Romney can.
Appetizer: Bacon wrapped baked plantains
Ireland confronts political mutiny in wake of bailout
Netflix rolls out streaming only video subscription for US market
Kinect is hacker-friendly, and that's a good thing, Microsoft says
Chandra Levy verdict: Suspect found guilty in 2001 death of DC intern
In Africa, wariness toward science impedes research and development
The John F. Kennedy assassination: Four unanswered questions
Zambia's champion barista strives for the perfect mix of spicy and sweet
Canceling a country's debt is a thorny issue when that country is Congo
QE2: the world’s biggest shelf offering?
Volunteers go hi-tech to map Egypt election irregularities
Childress fired by Vikings Monday; will Favre finish the year in Minnesota?
What Madagascar's failed coup attempt could mean for the fragile country
Want to slash poverty? Look to Latin America.
Jesus statue, world's largest, consecrated in Poland
Barbara Bush: Palin should stay in Alaska
Spaceport America being developed for commercial spaceflight in New Mexico
Justin Bieber wins 4 American Music Awards, including artist of year
The Monitor's View The Obama-Karzai quarrel over Afghanistan sovereignty
Airport pat downs and body scans: My questions for TSA chief Pistole
Europe greets Pope Benedict's condom remarks as 'evolution, not revolution'
How many copies of Mark Twain's autobiography will be enough?
Monitor Breakfast Video: TSA chief rules out body cavity searches
Tough year ahead for charities
Kabul 'safer' for kids than London or New York, says NATO official
JFK trivia: His presidential library houses papers of which famous author?
Opinion Palestinians' other fight in the Middle East – for green development
Ahmadinejad calls on Iranian girls to marry at 16
How to check out a charity
Sarah Palin and her publisher win Round 1 of "fair use" dispute
Opinion NATO summit reality check: Brilliant policy vs. real world resistance
Deficit spending CAN be fiscally responsible. Here's how.
China rescues 29 miners trapped in flooded coal mine
Why India offers tepid response to Burma's release of Suu Kyi
Monitor Breakfast Video: TSA chief Pistole says no immediate changes to airport screening
North Korea reveals a nuclear plant. The US says it's not concerned.
Pope: bullish on agriculture
Royal Wedding Date: Top 4 possible dates
Thanksgiving fennel salad
Difference Maker Helping South Korea's foreign workers win fair treatment
Meghan McCain on the politics of Thanksgiving dinner
Frank: The Voice
Book review: The Little Book of Commodity Investing
BCS rankings: Boise State still trails TCU, despite blowout win over Fresno State
Historic Somali piracy trial in US wrapping up as German one opens
World's biggest spy satellite: The newest 'ear' in space?
One cause, one outcome
Oil prices near $83 a barrel
TSA airport screening to be 'refined'
Samsung Galaxy Tab now available through AT&T