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Monitor Articles for November 13, 2010

Allawi's Sunni-backed bloc returns to parliament after walkout
How business friendly is Britain to, say, Africa?
Rahm Emanuel makes it official: He's running for Chicago mayor
Ex-football pro Heath Shuler hopes to sack Nancy Pelosi
Global leadership: Voters launch a power surge of women
Global leadership: Brazil enters the power surge of women
Global leadership: In Rwanda, women run the show
If we scorn the scorn, we might get somewhere
Bowles-Simpson deficit plan: tax hike or tax cut?
What's with Glenn Beck's fascination with Nazis?
Burma (Myanmar) release of Aung San Suu Kyi could galvanize activists
China and US failed at the G-20 summit
Congo: UN scrambles to better protect civilians in wake of mass rape
Houston stadium debt called in early
Man makes record $335,000 in Entropia Universe virtual real estate deal