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Monitor Articles for November 11, 2010

Cell phone virus attacks 1 million cell phone users
A living wall comes to Portsmouth, N.H.
A combustible mix for White House: Gulf oil spill and politics
Veterans Day 2010: how Americans paid tribute
Tumultuous parliamentary session threatens Iraq's fragile new government
Pakistani Taliban go for 'the jugular' with attack on Karachi police compound
Your cellphone and laptop are evil, says Story of Stuff
Veterans Day in space: Space Station astronauts pay tribute to a fallen hero
Out of sticks, US offers Sudan a carrot to let South Sudan secede
Google salutes Veterans Day with new logo
Gingered pear pandowdy
Tuition fees rise, students panic. They shouldn't.
Mexico's La Familia cartel to government: We'll disband if you protect citizens
California: The green guinea pig
To reduce national debt, 'shared sacrifice' necessary, deficit chairs say
What will the end of gold's bull market look like?
Carnival Splendor finally reaches San Diego dock; passengers begin to disembark
Top picks: 'Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent' photos, 'Toy Story 3,' new album '...Featuring Norah Jones,' and more
Why Adm. Mike Mullen visited the South Pacific island nation of Tonga
Freddie Mac, step back: Mortgage rates stay crazy-low, but still no buyers
Iowa plane crash kills one person
How bankruptcy-proof are you? Find your color.
Deficit-slashing plan is tough, creative and credible. Now what?
When culture matters: Brits and the entrepreneurial spirit
Brazil's Lula considers next steps
Obama fails to seal trade deal with South Korea
Pulled pork with an Asian twist
Anti-pollution efforts in Chinese city are too effective for city to afford
NASA's next big space telescope in financial trouble
Electric cars: GE to buy 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015
Ethiopia shows the damage that aid can do
Deflecting Earth-bound asteroids becoming a global effort
Veterans Day: First Lady surprises US military personnel and families in Germany
Social Security, Medicare, Pentagon slashed by deficit commission
Guinea calm, but tense, as election results trickle in
A bipartisan and reality-based way to cut tax rates AND reduce the deficit. Really.
World Cup vuvuzelas, anathema to ear drums, now to decorate ears
Qantas A380 engine failure possibly caused by oil fire, European official says
Obama's first stand
Mystery missile? Pentagon, NASA experts say it was a plane
Carnival Splendor fire: Crippled ship nears San Diego
Are British student protests a harbinger of future violence over austerity measures?
CMA Awards: Miranda Lambert is country's new queen
Cargo plane bomb would have detonated over Canada, not the US, say new reports
Enrich your life with that other kind of stock
Top of agenda at Clinton-Netanyahu meeting: new rift over settlements
Global temperature to rise 3.5 degrees C. by 2035: International Energy Agency
International Energy Agency says 'peak oil' has hit. Crisis averted?
"Running the Books": Avi Steinberg talks about life as a prison librarian
Reader recommendation: The Smart Swarm
Pee-wee Herman Show: Paul Reubens hits Broadway