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Monitor Articles for October 7, 2010

Russian Soyuz rocket launches three new crew toward space station
Arizona tornado clean-up begins in aftermath
Currency exchange rates 'war' a concern ahead of IMF meeting
Afghanistan: Pentagon contractors entwined with 'pro-Taliban' warlords
Is US giving up too much to keep Middle East peace talks going?
Vietnam's capital Hanoi girds up to celebrate 1,000 years
Why Sweden's far-right, anti-immigrant party made powerful gains
Will Abbas get, and accept, a two-month settlement freeze?
Will Hungary's toxic red sludge spill extend beyond Danube?
'I like it on…' Facebook updates. Is innuendo tarnishing a cause?
How Victor Perez saved abducted girl: four tales of everyday heroes
White House briefing room without TV cameras: more light, less heat
America's job engine sputters
Opinion Want to improve US national security? Cut the defense budget.
Mario Vargas Llosa: an interview from the Monitor's archives
Israel loyalty oath bill stirs Arab-Israeli unease
Nobel Prize in Literature: Which Latin American writers have won?
Hungary's toxic sludge reminiscent of 2000 Romania disaster – but much worse
Opinion Why laptops in class are distracting America's future workforce
Tea partiers and union Democrats agree: Trade is bad. What does this mean for America?
Top Picks: Santana's 'Guitar Heaven,' Carlos the Jackal miniseries, 'The Queen' on DVD, and more
Conspiracy theories linger in Falcon Lake Mexican 'pirates' shooting
Nobel Peace Prize 2010: How Obama award shapes this year's choice
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Mike Mullen
Hungary toxic sludge reaches Danube River: Top 10 environmental disasters worldwide
What's fueling political attacks?
In Philippines, Benigno Aquino's political honeymoon intact at 100-day mark
Quarter ends: Tips from a broker on how to talk to yours
Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle: Any GOP candidate can win in November, says Jon Stewart
The Monitor's View Obama's biased bashing of career schools
Do your magazines help you?
Mario Vargas Llosa wins 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature. Who else won in the past decade?
US Chamber of Commerce under fire for campaign finance
Vocation, career, and job: Which do you have?
Mario Vargas Llosa: Why the 2010 Nobel Prize winner stirs controversy in Peru
Michelle Obama: why she's rated the world's most powerful woman
Verizon 4G service to hit 38 cities by end of 2010
Oil spill report sketches anatomy of a flawed US response in Gulf
How to overwinter annual geraniums
When high-speed trains meet low speed states
Lonely stadium seeks pro sports team for long walks on the bleachers...
Verizon iPhone release date? Signs point to January.
Legalize drugs: conservative reasons
Afghan peace council opens as Afghans assess nine years of war
Roy Halladay pitches 2nd ever postseason no-hitter
Industry expert warning: Nationalizing South Africa mining will scare investors
Plum Island, a former germ warfare testing site, gets rare look by environmentalists
Mario Vargas Llosa wins the Nobel Prize in Literature
Let me diet, but never make me starve
Expiring cuts in extate taxes: windfall for states
Why Mexican 'pirates' are targeting US tourists on Falcon Lake
Toward drug-free neighborhoods
NATO says Pakistan border closure not affecting Afghanistan operations
Yemen attack underscores increasing Al Qaeda threat
Facebook update: For users, more control
Tears of a Clown
Reader recommendation: The Dogs of Proud Spirit