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Monitor Articles for October 5, 2010

Gates gives $35 million to Obama's community college overhaul
Karl Rove group spends big in Election 2010, but is it legal?
Pentagon: The global cyberwar is just beginning
US pledges $4 billion to a fund that fights AIDS, other global ills
Meg Whitman loses ground in polls as Nicky Diaz controversy drags on
Chicagoan or carpetbagger? Rahm Emanuel hit by residency claims.
Faisal Shahzad, French terror arrests, and drone strikes: evidence of a working strategy?
Israeli settlers respond to mosque burning allegations
Mexico says still investigating reported Falcon Lake pirate attack
Is China ready for a new toilet industry?
Will Hungary's flood of red sludge bolster environmentalists' warnings?
College tuition: New law aims for more transparency in costs
Ecuador's Rafael Correa extends alert, raises police pay days after 'coup attempt'
Supreme Court weighs need for background checks for NASA scientists
Renewable energy projects in Iowa receive federal green jobs money
Life sentence for Faisal Shahzad, could join shoe bomber in Colorado
John Lennon: Yoko Ono reflects on his 70th birthday
Chile mine rescue could happen by weekend
Microsoft Slate will be available by Christmas: Ballmer
What's ahead for bookseller Barnes & Noble?
'Wonder material' graphene wins scientists 2010 Nobel Prize in physics
Parker/Spitzer struggles through good intentions and weird moments
Will Jerome Kerviel's hefty sentence check rogue trading in France?
Iraq election breakthrough?
Pakistan keeps Khyber Pass closed as US strikes drone on
Congo mining ban hurt more than it helped
How the Commonwealth Games pushed me to learn about India
Can Palestinian police get respect through soccer clinics?
Former members of Congress write to today's candidates: Change your tone
Mo Ibrahim's governance index matters more outside Africa
South Sudan referendum, by the numbers
France arrests 12 as concerns grow about 'homegrown' terrorism
The Des Moines Farmers' Market: a Saturday tradition
Is Ireland going bankrupt?
'The Scoop' experiment: Joe Miller, a pizza, and a bear hunting permit
Space Shuttle Endeavour launch held up by space traffic jam
The Monitor's View Taxing drivers by the mile and not by the gallon
Nigeria arrests, then frees top opposition figure in bomb probe
Gallup: Poll of 'likely voters' portends big House gains for Republicans
Community colleges: White House wants business to help place future workforce
Commonwealth Games: Too old to play? Not here.
Faisal Shahzad, still defiant, handed life sentence
What's the best way to promote safer, cleaner energy?
Falcon Lake 'pirate' attack: Sign of spillover from Mexico drug war?
Stephen Colbert tips his hat to Tea Party coloring book for kids
Attention, heirs: No estate tax, but watch for capital gains kicker.
Geert Wilders hate speech trial to resume in Netherlands
Why Angry Birds has invaded Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
Nigerian leadership problems can be traced to society's inequality
The Social Network: Four things the movie got wrong
Christine O'Donnell's 'not a witch' ad: Can she regain control of her image?
China's climate change talks: What's changed since Copenhagen?
Get started on that goal!
Opinion Facebook 'likes' Newark schools. Now what? Invest wisely, Zuckerberg.
(Fiscal) new year's resolutions
White House solar panels to provide Obamas green power
Nobel Prize 2010 honors technological father of millions
Red sludge kills four, injures over 100 in Hungary; state of emergency declared
North Korea's new dawn with Kim Jong-un
Connecticut Senate race: Blumenthal, McMahon spar over TV ads
Will weakening the dollar create jobs?
Pakistan drone attacks kill Germans in response to Europe terror plot
Christine O'Donnell campaign ad: 'I'm not a witch' (video)
China-Japan spat drives plunge in support for Japan's Kan
Government that's better grounded
Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim get Nobel Prize for super-strong graphene
Fifth NATO tanker attacked in six days since Pakistan sealed border post
Obama's Wars
Reader recommendation: The Sisters of Sinai