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Monitor Articles for October 31, 2010

Mortgage rates: China cuts discount to curb buying
Down to the wire, it's crunch time for Democrats and Obama
Devaluation worked in the '30s. But it won't today.
Outside groups dominate 2010 campaign spending
Secondary deflation and the wisdom of Fed intervention
Istanbul suicide attack highlights Turkey's struggle with militant groups
White House: There could be more mail bombs
Yemeni officials free suspect in Al Qaeda bomb plot
President Obama's bittersweet political homecoming
Stock brokers keep leaving brokerages
Yemen arrests bomb plot suspect, but clues lead to AQAP bombmaker
Don't wind your clocks back yet, America! When is daylight savings 2010, and why does it feel so late?
Book review: The Little Book of Economics
Dilma Rousseff set to win Brazil election. Did she really need Lula to play the gender card?
Classic review: The Black Tower
Another Krugman fallacy: High-priced commodities do crimp demand