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Monitor Articles for October 29, 2010

Chicago synagogues calm but alert after reports of suspicious packages from Yemen
Fox blackout comes to an end after Dish agreement
Boeing 757 hole forces flight 1640 to make emergency landing
Era of mobile phones quickly being eclipsed by smartphone boom
Yemen packages: what is known so far about 'credible terrorist threat'
Obama waives sanctions for four countries that use child soldiers
Wild Target: movie review
Welcome to the Rileys: movie review
Waste Land: movie review
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: movie review
It's time to take coleus cuttings
Where does the tea party philosophy come from? One hint is in its name.
Behind antigay Facebook rant, echoes of civil rights movement
Who's going to Rally to Restore Sanity? Republicans and Libertarians, too.
Why Obama is taking time to campaign for Rep. Tom Perriello
In Kenya, corruption probes bring 'unprecedented' government shake-up
Did scientists breed mice that 'smell' light?
Fox blackout will continue: Fox rejects Cablevision's new offer to end impasse
Shooter targeting Marine Corps facilities could be ex-marine
Scarred by Sri Lanka's war with Tamil Tigers, female ex-fighters build new lives
Consumers, businesses boost US economy; 5 things we learn from GDP report
140-character book reviews wanted
Iran Nuclear Program: Iran says it is ready to restart nuclear talks
Suspicious UPS, FedEx packages raise new concerns about Al Qaeda in Yemen
Suspicious US-bound packages from Yemen: A terrorist test run?
Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' energizes expats from Paris to Prague
Can once-a-month cooking really work?
Halloween brings major elections to West Africa
Brett Favre returns to practice, status still uncertain
Immigrants gaining jobs, native-born Americans aren't
Iraq war artifact added to British war collection
As stonethrowing escalates, Israeli police round up Arab children in E. Jerusalem
Can technology solve political problems?
Black Friday sales start early. Like today.
Obama, Clinton visit India with wary eye on rising China
Military entrepreneurs: not an oxymoron
The Monitor's View Obama can let Palestinians seek state recognition at the UN
The Afterlife
Are tea party candidates helped or hurt by three-way races?
How Germany's Merkel convinced EU to change rules after the Greek crisis
Russia to drop Microsoft in quest for 'national' operating system
Vote Halliburton and Goldman Sachs!
Will the Rally to Restore Sanity actually restore sanity?
Florida's October surprise: Clinton urged Meek to exit Senate race
Indonesia tsunami: baby found alive in storm drain offers fresh hope
Bestselling books the week of 10/28/10, according to IndieBound*
Witches finger cookies
Who's a monopoly? Microsoft loses market share
Suspicious cargo under investigation in US, UK
Toyota lawsuit: Did automaker buy up cars to hide defects?
3G access arrives on Everest. But do we need Internet on the top of the world?
Nexus Two allegedly spotted in the wild. But is Google really readying a new phone?
Why the hacktivists are winning
Opinion Jon Stewart and a question of 'Sanity': why a comedian is now liberals' No. 1 hero
Opinion Looking for work with purpose? Stop looking down on manual labor.
US voters are ready to 'throw the bums out' on Election Day. But who are the bums?
The Dancer
Midterm elections could give a boost to Africa – if the Democrats lose
North, South Korea trade gunfire across tense border
Gold good, TIPS dumb, if you're worried about inflation (which you shouldn't be)
Cut out of Burma election, Kachin minority could turn guns on junta
Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts again and threatens more
World Series Game 2: Rangers' bullpen fails to deliver – again
Michelle Obama on bullying: set a good example
Mortgage rates fall, driving up (OK, nudging up) mortgage applications
Making It All Work – Getting Control: Clarifying
In praise of praise
Israel could lease Palestinian lands in exchange for Palestinian statehood: report
China cracks down on supporters of Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo
Other Earths? A new estimate raises the odds of finding them.
Gas prices flat as oil market drifts
Mortgage rates up slightly, still near record low
City of Man: Politics and Religion in a New Era
Reader recommendation: Rogues' Gallery