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Monitor Articles for October 28, 2010

Halliburton may have known about cement troubles before gulf oil spill
High speed Internet now even higher
Foreclosures up especially in cities
Ozzy Osbourne and others make their mark at VooDoo 2010
Could faulty mortgage paperwork lead to a new financial crisis?
Sarah Palin for president? It's possible, she says.
How Meg Whitman dropped 10 points behind Jerry Brown
Charlie Chaplin time traveler debunked: It's just a hearing aid
Top 10 best value private colleges in America
The return of Koobface
Rebecca Traister talks about “Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women”
Windows Phone 7 review roundup
Top 10 time travelers
Top 10 benefits of a college degree
SAT test creator: Don't let tuition hikes scare you
How is the tea party doing in Senate races?
ARC Tunnel project cancellation a matter of dollars and cents: NJ governor
In Burma's rare elections, fresh faced candidates run against the grain
Khamenei's visit to Qom shows the power of propaganda
As US seeks Iran nuclear deal, Iranian traders load up on Cheerios, Heinz ketchup
Nissan cars recalled: Ignition problem? Do this.
The end of cheap food
The Monitor's View A nuclear offer Iran can't refuse?
Chinese Supercomputer: How fast is a petaflop?
Obama to stay at Taj hotel in Mumbai, scene of 2008 terror attacks
Time traveler caught on film. Hey, why not?
What Britain's cuts mean for its place in the world
IRS targets small businesses
Osama bin Laden threatens French troops, France announces pullout from Afghanistan
Rescue workers, officials debate warning system as Indonesian volcano erupts again
Obama on 'Daily Show': Did he best Jon Stewart?
How we (fail to) nurture young talent
Concerns of violence as Uganda election season kicks off
Pentagon had red flags about command climate in 'kill team' Stryker brigade
Hamas-Fatah divide turns the lights out on Gazans
Five of world's biggest tsunamis
Democracy's price tag: only $4.2 billion?
Opinion How can Democrats stop the Republican tide this election? Young voters.
Auto recalls: Nissan pulls 2 million cars and trucks that risk stalling
China is on path to 'militarization of space'
Pumpkin chocolate chunk bread
EU leaders set for clash over financial reforms, Lisbon Treaty
Afghan convoy security undermines Afghan security
Why does the space shuttle always look so filthy?
Congo's democratic elections threatened by lack of aid
Opinion Obama's No. 1 problem? He tried to redistribute the economic pie, not grow it.
Homemade gift series: meals in a jar
Indonesia's tsunami death toll climbs to more than 340
White iPhone 4 delayed, this time forever?
Top picks: 'Circus' miniseries, Microsoft Kinect, Ethan Gilsdorf's "Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks,' and more
A new effort to preserve Iraq's rich biodiversity, from mountains to marshes
Is hard currency on its way out? Introducing the new virtual world currency.
Seizing the moment ... tomorrow
Why is Karl Rove taking shots at Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell?
Tuition at public colleges jumps 8 percent, College Board reports
Something new for your garden: Blue tomatoes
Mickey Mantle: Jane Leavy talks about "The Last Boy"
US dollar: Prepare for a prolonged devaluation
Gift cards: Stuck with one? Sell it.
Obama on 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart: heavy on issues, hold the comedy
Vote the way you did that first time
Mount Merapi volcano erupts again, Indonesia tsunami toll rises
Osama bin Laden threatens French troops, criticizes France burqa ban
Election 2010 all about tea party? It's more: It's year of the outsider.
Election 2010: What gets done if the GOP takes over Capitol Hill
Third parties leave a mark
10 races to watch
Three of this fall's most talked-about novels
September economic activity: What does it mean for the recovery?
Tax-savings account: Should you switch to a Roth IRA?
Visa Inc.: Profits soar 51 percent as card use rises
President Obama appears on Daily Show, defends policies