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Monitor Articles for October 25, 2010

Gubernatorial hopefuls Rick Scott and Alex Sink hurl mud in last debate
Judge blocks Arizona execution, state appeals
Rand Paul slams Obama's health care overhaul and Wall Street regulation
Obama assails GOP as election Tuesday approaches
Obama told to 'shove it' in Rhode Island
Will space tourists be Earth polluters? Scientists sound a warning.
Stewart-Colbert rally aims: 1. Change politics, 2. Sell knickknacks.
Top 10 banned fashions
What I really, really want: the iPod Touch replacement, revisited
'Child soldier' pleads guilty at Guantánamo, averting a trial
Grace in the garden
Economists: Are we headed for civil war?
Mexico birthday massacre shows teen toll in drug war
Is Meg Whitman putting herself down in California governor ad?
Protectionism by any other name
Former Putin prime minister talks about his former boss
Haiti cholera outbreak 'stabilizing' – but could affect election
Wikileaks, new US report fuel controversy about Iraq's PM
Is this all the rebound the stimulus bought us?
Medellín, once epicenter of Colombia's drug war, fights to keep the peace
Miniskirt ban to take effect in Italian town
Wikileaks Iraq documents not as damaging as Pentagon feared – yet
Home sales rise in September, but a housing glut and concerns remain
Early voting data: beware any conclusions
Personal finance 101: How do annuities work?
Congo mining ban's success is limited
Opinion Will US naval power sink?
Stock prices climb amid pledge to balance trade
Opinion Why Israeli settlement construction must stop
Bernanke: Fed is probing flawed foreclosure process and its risks for economy
Sony pushes the stop button on Walkman
7.5 quake reported off Indonesia on Monday; tsunami warning called off
Knee-jerk opposition to greenhouse gas reform
Say @#!$%&? Slighted Rhode Island Democrat lays into Obama.
The Monitor's View California vote on Proposition 23 can set the pace on global warming
PSP Go gets price drop
World Series schedule: When to watch the Rangers and Giants
World Series quiz: How much do you know about the Texas Rangers?
Why Israel sees double standard in response to Wikileaks' Iraq files
Is the universe a big hologram? This device could find out.
Why Africa's young thinkers are headed to prestigious US colleges
Allen Iverson to discuss possible deal with Turkish basketball team
Why independent voters are abandoning the Democrats
Stop overusing the term 'deadbeat'
With Ukraine's blessing, Russia to beef up its Black Sea Fleet
Vietnamese curried chicken pot pie
US swimmer Fran Crippen's death mid-race sparks safety review
In Somalia, prime minister nominee waits for parliament approval
US military beats out Disney as happy place to work
South Korea sends first aid to North Korea in nearly three years
Great correction: You thought it was over?
How a comet can cause a meteor shower
A new look at political contributions
Space tourism will drive climate change, study suggests
Barnes & Noble’s new “Nook Kids” collection: Is it good for young readers?
Britain's government-owned banks: Sell, but not too fast
Why Karzai readily admits receiving bags of Iranian cash
Mount Merapi volcano in Indonesia could erupt at any time, officials warn
Wikileaks allegations to be scrutinized in investigation called by British deputy PM
Helping teens be a real guitar hero – by caring for others
Bernanke: Regulators looking into foreclosure mess
Why Obama is talking about working with Republicans
South Sudan uses oil money to maintain patronage networks
Find your niche: Everyone is NOT your potential customer
China's island patrols, reported embargo on 'rare earth' elements, irritate Japan
Hurricane Richard sputters over Belize, heads toward Mexico
The Best American Essays 2010
Reader recommendation: The Indians of New Jersey