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Monitor Articles for October 23, 2010

Iraq's Maliki says Wikileaks documents could be used in court
Controversial CEO Randy Michaels leaves troubled Tribune Company
NPR vs. Fox News: Juan Williams firing reveals deeper media fight
Alaska's Berkowitz: status quo under Parnell not working
Blagojevich trial delay could hamper Rahm Emanuel's run for Chicago mayor
WikiLeaks defends its release of classified documents on Iraq War
Netflix down? You may be eligible for a discount on your Netflix bill.
HP Slate 500 brings professional spin to the tablet wars
Food safety: How to keep our global menu off the recall list
Food safety: From Mexican farm, to Costco, to your plate
Food safety: 'Made in China' attracts the long arm of the FDA
To improve recycling, will Chicago turn to privatization?
Key to Texas Rangers victory: Home-grown talent
Obama rallies voters for Senate leader Harry Reid in key race