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Monitor Articles for October 21, 2010

Clinton to campaign in Michigan in bid to rescue Democrats
At least 135 dead from suspected cholera outbreak in Haiti
Colbert-Stewart rally raises question: Where is journalism headed?
US agents make arrests in massive Medicare fraud case in Florida
The tea party's distaste for 'green' tea
New York City spat over publishing teacher rankings reaches brief truce
Toyota recall October 2010: Lots of recalls. Better cars?
Moon's got water, yeah. But it's got other resource goodies, too.
Ready for winter? In the South, you may not need to be.
Take control of your spending
Which Election 2010 race has run the most TV ads? Not the one you'd expect.
Juan Williams fired: pitfalls of the 'insta-opinion' age
Bestselling books the week of 10/21/10, according to IndieBound*
Obama targets women voters in Seattle trip with talk of jobs, cupcakes
Can young mom Marisol Valles Garcia clean up a dangerous Mexican town?
No, children, you cannot ALL be export economies
Trade imbalance and 'currency wars' flummox G20 nations
In California midterm election's tight races, voter turnout is key
PlayStation Move off to strong sales start
Tired of student loans? These schools will leave you with little debt.
Eye on public support, striking French unions question just how long to protest
Happy World Statistics Day! Woo-hoo!
Israel's foreign workers are diversifying its cuisine
At Japan biodiversity meeting, access to resources divides rich and poor
MacBook Air review roundup
Bob Dylan unfiltered: Fall tour brings new releases, old recordings
Monitor Breakfast Democrats' Election 2010 lament: we are being outspent 5 to 1
Would 'Japanification' be so terrible?
UN Darfur visit could endanger locals it aims to protect
The Monitor's View Time to reset the reset in US-Russia ties
The Juan Williams treatment: five other ousted media personalities
Dormant Western Sahara threatens to heat up
Deanna Favre says faith is helping her cope with allegations against husband Brett
Perfect pie crust: Flakiness required
Verbal Energy Entangled in our social networks
UK slashes budget: Feels “like an amputation”
Two great books about NYC architecture
Butternut squash soup
Monitor Breakfast Van Hollen won't lead House Democratic campaigning a third time
Top 5 'rare earth' minerals: What are they?
Rogue security companies threaten US gains in Afghanistan war
Orionid meteor shower from Halley's Comet has big finish Thursday night
Buy now, or wait for better features at a lower price?
Kenya's anticorruption advocates laud suspension of key minister
Apple: Lion OS draws inspiration from iPad
NPR fires Juan Williams for Muslim comments. Was it fair?
ALCS Game 5: New York sends Rangers-Yankees series back to Texas
Chinese repression in the Twitter era
US reaches out to Somalia breakaway regions to stymie terrorists
Textbook controversy over claim that blacks fought for the Confederacy
Pace of Israeli settlement construction four times faster than prior to freeze
Soul music survivors: Mavis Staples and Bettye LaVette
A father's letter of recommendation
What's wrong with 'potential GDP'? A lot.
Obama is going to Pakistan. India is not amused.
Toyota recall: Brake fluid problem affects 1.5 million vehicles
John Hughes Can Obama match Britain's guts on budget cuts?
Should America's illegal immigrants be offered legal status?
Swaziland moves to protect albinos from bounty killers and witch doctors
Building a new home? Yeah, me neither.
Why Italy's trash wars are still smoldering
Sara Bareilles to open for Obama in Vegas
Boy Scouts group removes Mormons from leadership roles over religious beliefs
Beige Book: boring color, great highlights about the economy
Dizzy Gillespie honored with birthday mosaic Google doodle
Social Security reform: It ain’t gonna be easy
Airline tickets: Airlines boost profits by selling fewer of them
The middle class: key to the economy -- and the mid-term election
Eyeing Iran, US details $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia
'Gracias, Señor!' A thank-you from Chile
Policy wonk food stamp extravaganza!
Kate Zernike on "Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America"
South African and Vietnamese wildlife officials meet to stem rhino horn trade
Is Obama trying to dodge a head gear controversy in India?
Peru wants more US aid for drug war; new ambassador hints 'no'
Want to know how the war in Afghanistan is going? Watch Kandahar.
China dismisses UN report that Chinese bullets were used in Darfur
Reader recommendation: The Flooded Earth
China's rapid growth slows further