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Monitor Articles for October 19, 2010

No delay for 'don't ask, don't tell' ruling, so Pentagon takes gays - for now
2012 Mayan apocalypse calculation might be off
Bank accounts: Free checking fading fast
For Alaska's Joe Miller, handcuff incident adds to mounting troubles
Drawing battle lines in California: Who will be in charge of redistricting?
First Amendment flap: Was Christine O'Donnell touting 'tea party' view?
Intel investment a big vote of confidence for US economy
Could Barney Frank lose his House seat to newcomer Sean Bielat?
Global Viewpoint Blocking ‘peaceful evolution’ will lead to instability in China
Five reasons why David Hartley's disappearance on Falcon Lake is not a big story in Mexico
From witches to 'Aqua Buddha': why Election 2010 ads are so outrageous
Yes, we really do want markets in everything (Part II)
Back to the Mac: What will Apple unveil Wednesday?
Arkansas blue star: A winner worth growing
NFL fines three, will start handing out suspensions for helmet-to-helmet hits
Violent turn to French strikes could backfire on union protesters
Some stockings are more equal than others?
Chile mine rescue may spur more rescue efforts worldwide
Hello financial television, I’m a mid cap!
Paul Gaus: Tony Hillerman of the Amish
First ladies with the campaign touch: Michelle Obama is just one
Tom Bosley remembered as 'Happy Days' patriarch
The Monitor's View The cold war in clean energy
Top UN official survives bomb blast after meeting Iraq's Sistani
Tylenol recall: Odor problems plague Johnson & Johnson
Ancient Pompeii could be ruined by modern problems
Europe's 5 most generous pension systems
Japan: Lessons of a debauched currency
'The rent is too damn high' steals show at New York governor debate
Easy vegan chili
Fort Hood shooting: Al Qaeda now portrays Nidal Hasan as terrorism star
Doing good by doing well
Barney Frank domestic partner heckles GOP opponent following debate(VIDEO)
Russian spies given top honors; Anna Chapman launches iPhone app
Britain says it's still US 'wingman' despite defense budget cuts
Need to get voters excited? Call Bill Clinton, not Obama.
Chechen parliament attack a threat to Kremlin strongman
Why do foreigners keep losing money from US T-bonds?
Joe Miller a no-show: Was Alaska Senate debate worth it?
When paternalism leaves a community more vulnerable
Frozen vegetables recall: glass shards in Wal-Mart, Kroger veggies
401(k) vs. Roth IRA, prepaying an underwater mortgage, and other reader questions
Opinion Christine O'Donnell and the rise of cable TV politics: Why we're responsible
Sherlock Holmes is on the case again
Chilean miners confront the cartel problem
Will Fort Hood shooting trial find motive – or link to terrorism?
Paving over America's country roads
Housing starts highest since May, but still in multi-year slump
Bank of America posts $7.7B loss on special charge
Opinion Climate change 'fraud' letter: a Martin Luther moment in science history
Sarah Palin: Adhere to tea party message. McCain agrees
With A.J. Burnett set to take mound, Yankees put on game face
Singletary v. Madden on management
In Qom, Iran's supreme leader Khamenei aims to cement leadership over clerics
If Proposition 23 passes, will other greenhouse-gas laws fall?
Magnitude of deadly Chechen parliament attack rattles Russia
''Making It All Work': the process
Dealing with 'downward mobility'
China's next leader? A look at Xi Jinping's rise.
Foreclosure help for Maryland homeowners?
Growing Up Laughing
Reader recommendation: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society