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Monitor Articles for October 12, 2010

Chilean miners rescue: escape capsule begins rescue of trapped men
Murder of Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake probe reveals drug cartels' reach
Pentagon must stop 'don't ask, don't tell,' federal judge rules
Will Google wind power project harm wildlife? Depends on location.
Deep-water drilling moratorium lifted: why neither side is happy
Supreme Court appears split by infant vaccination case
When minimum wage hurts the poor: a case study from South Africa
Project Vote Smart unveils tool for the confused Election 2010 voter
Meg Whitman vs. Jerry Brown: Can Tom Brokaw steer them toward substance?
'No Way Out' (of the recession), especially for the poorest
Twitter founder: Twitter will hit one billion member mark
Medal of Honor ban over 'Taliban' furor
Hungary moves to seize company connected to red sludge spill
In West Virginia race, both candidates running against Obama
Foreclosed homes: three potential fixes for the crisis
After Chile miners rescue, will jobs be waiting for them?
Offshore oil rigs can resume deep water drilling, as Obama moratorium is lifted
New Gap logo withdrawn: The 'blue box' lives on
Leave the driving to … Google?
India, South Africa could complicate US agenda in UN Security Council
Brett Favre not forthcoming on allegations, following Vikings loss to Jets
Sharron Angle raises $14 million. Should we be impressed?
Global Gender Gap Index: Iceland tops, France drops, and US breaks into top 20
Hours to Chile miners rescue, 33 men need a calm head below and above ground
Condoleezza Rice hasn't missed her old job while writing a memoir
Chemical weapon attack or domestic dispute? Supreme Court will decide.
A divided Lebanon waits for Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Monitor's View French strikes over pension reform hold lesson for the US and other countries
Unemployment: the whole story
Bobby Cox: One of baseball's best managers ever? Our Top 5 picks
What to do with World Cup's vuvuzelas? Design an alternate use and win $1,500.
A new Israeli settlement freeze? What's behind Netanyahu's offer.
Schwarzenegger adds muscle to Medvedev's vision for Russian Silicon Valley
Japan gets its Tojo back: Will it save the foundering economy?
Social Security freeze worries some seniors
Is President Obama a hypocrite on campaign finance? Karl Rove says so.
Top 10 countries for women: Global Gender Gap Index 2010
Chile mine rescue: 5 final steps to freedom
'Deficit reduction'? Don't believe it.
North Korea succession: Kim Jong-il's oldest son reveals ruling family fissure
Supreme Court declines Bush bumper sticker case
Throwing the book at Obama – literally
Stockholm Syndrome and the American investor
Opinion Bullying: The advice you got is wrong. Here's what really works.
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of October 11, 2010
Stem cell exodus?
A cookbook from NOMA, the "world's best restaurant"
Harry Potter and the Social Security stone
Nobel laureates: unemployment benefits increase unemployment (for now)
'Making It All Work': How do we connect busywork to the bigger things in life?
Global Viewpoint Liu Xiaobo and the West's naive beliefs about freedom in China
Sarah Palin takes on Bill Clinton in West Virginia Senate race
Iran arrests two Germans for interviewing family of accused adulterer Ashtiani
When people make a difference
A nomad nation settles down
Free speech in a fishbowl
China slams world leaders' renewed calls for Liu Xiaobo's release
How the Chile mine rescue saga united the country
Extraordinary, Ordinary People
God-empowered hope