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Monitor Articles for October 1, 2010

Germany celebrates 20 years of reunification, but not Wolfgang and Britte
Remnants of tropical storm Nicole wallop East Coast with huge rainfall
Marijuana initiatives could bring young Democrats to the polls
'Flash crash' report: A tale of how not to make a big trade
Eliot Spitzer on CNN: Does he deserve a second chance?
College professor uncovers America's 'abhorrent' STD experiments in Guatemala
As Iraq stalemate sets record, Pentagon concern for US troops grows
Congo opposition figure allegedly escapes kidnapping attempt
Mexican pirates shoot US jet skier near border on Falcon Lake, Texas
Opinion A day of reckoning for public pensions: The bills are due, the coffers are empty
State of siege in Ecuador as Rafeal Correa takes on rebel police
A wolf on the ridgeline
Blood lily: a ball of fire in a flower pot
Maliki gets Shiite nod to head new Iraqi government
Rahm Emanuel: Why Chicago mayor bid may be his toughest race yet
World Cup tourism totals
Pakistan furious with US over fatal raid, but there's little it can do
United Airlines: United and Continental complete combination
Ryder Cup battles Welsh rain on first day. Will it finish on schedule?
Will the changed economy result in any changes to Econ 101?
Smartphones patent lawsuit filed by Microsoft against Motorola
Striking South African workers are returning to the negotiating table
American incomes up slightly, easing fears of double-dip recession
How will California change if voters make marijuana legal?
President Obama's week of wooing younger Democrats ahead of Election 2010
Rutgers student death: Has Digital Age made students callous?
Top 10 Ways Obama Can Boost His Popularity with Younger Voters
How a pair of North Korean-built statues reopened ethnic wounds in Zimbabwe
Elephant in the room: Treasury bond yields reach record low.
Stuttgart protests that left 130 people injured, 'saddening,' for Germany's chancellor
Who is Pete Rouse? He's not Rahm Emanuel
BMW recall could affect 350,000 vehicles. Is yours on the list?
Do Groupons hurt businesses?
Can Fox News be 'fair and balanced' if News Corp. gives to Republicans?
The Monitor's View Is Obama ready for a stare-down with China?
Amish entrepreneurs? Check out 'Success Made Simple.'
Ukraine court reverses Orange Revolution, hands president more power
Osama Bin Laden evidence allowed at detainee's NYC trial
Nigeria explosion: Independence celebrations marred by violence
Google Street View, now with penguins
China moon mission launched on Friday
How will the urban poor cope with climate change?
Medal of Honor drops Taliban team from multiplayer mode
Rahm Emanuel: Why is he really leaving?
Iraqi Shiite cleric supports al-Maliki to head up new government
Opinion Paul Ryan: Can the GOP leader make fiscal responsibility sexy for the iPod generation?
Léo Apotheker: Will software salesman measure up as HP CEO?
NATO tankers torched in Pakistan, but alternative routes to Afghanistan limited
Ecuador coup attempt shows fragility of Latin American democracy
Preparations for a vote on Sudan's border region are stalled
BMW recall: What you need to know
On South Sudan referendum, Obama needs to be more proactive
Clues emerge about genesis of Stuxnet worm
When mudslides threaten
Joe Miller, Alaska Senate candidate, deletes his tweets
The Social Network: movie review
Banned Books Week: Let's not forget the writers
Stock market: Quarter's over. What will your adviser say?
Reader recommendation: The Ladies of Low Arvie