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Monitor Articles for January 8, 2010

A Town Called Panic: movie review
After New Jersey defeat, gay marriage advocates turn to courts
Middle East conflict: US tries new approach for peace
Number of long-term unemployed hits highest rate since 1948
In time for trial, a celebrity makeover for ex-gov Blagojevich
Obama pivots to the economy and jobs
Obama to create 17,000 green jobs. What's a green job?
Curtains for prime time's 'Jay Leno Show'?
Jewelry: so easy a cave man can do it
Quick hearing for bomb suspect, but probably a long road ahead
FBI arrests two possible accomplices to Zazi terror plot
3D Avatar becomes No. 2 top-grossing movie of all time, still climbing
MagicJack meets cell tower as 'femtojack'
Cambodia: As rickshaws get cycled out, some look back
The Monitor's View Switching off the death penalty
Global Viewpoint Connecting the terrorist dots of 2009
GOP is wait-and-see on Obama’s terrorist intelligence plan
Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd lodges piracy charge against Japanese whalers
Mali moves music festival as tourism threatened by Al Qaeda threat
Five surprises for the music industry in 2009
Jim Leavitt fired: Is the era of the coach-king over?
How cold is Europe? Even Norway's buses can't take it.
Egypt: Why Christian, Muslim clashes are different this time
Is bowl swag ethical for schools in final BCS standings?
Comparing Earth's current warming to the Pliocene
Job cuts totaled 85,000 last month, dashing expectations
Youth in Revolt: movie review
Gaza war crimes charges: Britain to stem arrest warrants for Israel's leaders
Wonderful World: movie review
Leap Year: movie review
US loses 85,000 jobs, but hopes grow for future employment
Who cares about volcanic specks in Pacific? China, Vietnam, Japan.
On birthday of Kim Jong-il's son, a North Korea rising star
The beauty of the six-word memoir
The Art of a Beautiful Game
Opinion Obama's right: The wealthy don’t need a huge tax break to support charity
Opinion Afghanistan is not Vietnam
Dogwood shrubs ensure a colorful winter landscape
Three Malaysia churches firebombed as 'Allah' use tension mounts
Forgiveness is always possible