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Monitor Articles for January 7, 2010

California's education reforms hand more power to parents
John Brennan: We failed on Christmas Day terrorist intelligence
ABB shooting: Economy may play role in workplace violence
New Jersey Senate rejects gay-marriage bill
The Monitor's View Obama report on Flight 253 -- hindsight vs. foresight
Obama pledges four reforms in wake of Christmas Day terror plot
Winter weather forecast: higher gas prices, heating oil costs
Want to protest bank bailouts? Move your money, a new campaign urges.
Milky Way enigma: Why galaxy's central black hole is silent
Kennedy endorsement comes at key time for Martha Coakley
Whale Wars: Investigation into the sinking of Sea Shepherd Ady Gil
California garbage trucks fueled by ... garbage
Mysterious distant planet 'disappearing before our eyes'
Alabama vs Texas in BCS championship game: Who has the best swag?
Alienware M11x bridges gaming, netbooks
Liu Xiaobo: Vaclav Havel confronts Chinese on sentencing of dissident
Israel successfully tests Iron Dome missile shield
How the US terrorist watchlists do (and don't) work
Eco-renovation Reclaimed wood flooring wins out in home renovation
Reclaimed wood flooring wins out in home renovation
Got a new computer? Install these nine programs right away
New Jersey approval of gay-marriage bill seen as uphill fight
Passenger yells 'kill all the Jews,' but air rage is declining
Stocks for the next decade? Check out these predictions from 2000 first.
Gallup: America the 'conservative'?
Honduras military chiefs charged with 'coup.' Will Supreme Court take case?
Monitor Breakfast Head of 9/11 Commission: Christmas intel errors were different
Is Al Qaeda in Yemen connected to Al Qaeda in Somalia?
Talk to the Editor for January 7: Opinion Section
Why did the Beatles break up? Yoko Ono is ready to explain
How Bob Barker joined Sea Shepherd Paul Watson and the whale wars
Argentina's 'Elvis' Sandro has left the casa
Japan finance minister Naoto Kan: sharp-tongued and battle-ready
Another Indian student killed in Australia: Racism or hard times to blame?
Unemployment benefit claims rise, but barely
It's cold outside. What happened to global warming?
The Happiness Project
Opinion Serious about reducing abortion? Make women see an ultrasound of the procedure.
Full-body scan or not? Europe divided on airport security steps
How one US base in Afghanistan adopted two orphans
Yemen says plane bomber met with radical cleric, resists US military presence
Philippines massacre: Commission to take on 100 private armies
Medical testing and making the right decisions
Baltimore teens grow veggies in portable greenhouses