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Monitor Articles for January 6, 2010

Pakistan President Zardari's nine political lives
Global Viewpoint Abdolkarim Soroush: The goals of Iran's Green Movement
Michigan balks at Obama's stance in Asian carp fight
California judge to put landmark gay marriage case on YouTube
Schwarzenegger presses for more aid from Washington
Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon resigns as part of plea deal
Google Nexus One review roundup
Abdulmutallab charged in Christmas Day terror attempt
Hillary Clinton: Yemen needs more than air strikes and diplomacy
New findings on dark energy back discarded Einstein theory
Life after Guantanamo? More detainees go back to jihad
Nexus One: Who's it for?
Jordanian double agent: Wife says he saw US as adversary
Obama directs $250 million for science and math education
Dover facility 'befits the grief' of families of fallen troops
Whale Wars: The aggressive tactics of Sea Shepherd Paul Watson
California State of the State address lays out ambitious agenda
Iran move to defrock dissident ayatollah opens rifts in theocracy
CIA killings in Afghanistan spotlight Jordan as key US intelligence partner
Border clash raises Egyptian anger over Gaza blockade
Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention
Exits of two senior senators mostly bad news for Democrats
Scientists chart dark matter halo that binds Milky Way
BigShot: Snap-together camera introduces kids to tech, and to their world
Obama takes hands-on role in advancing healthcare reform
Whale Wars: How was the Sea Shepherd's new ship sunk?
Gaza border clashes leave Egyptian soldier dead
Opinion What Facebook’s pro-rape group says about our culture of sexual assault
Israel will consult legal advisers on future military action
Kenya: Taking money out of banks' hands – with cellphones
Replacing Senator Dodd: Who is Richard Blumenthal?
The Monitor's View After health care, Obama must arm-twist Senate on climate bill
Chris Dodd: How much did Wall Street give him?
Keeping track of migrating raptors
As snow blankets UK, Britons ask why they can't seem to plow ahead
Israel court stirs fierce debate with Highway 443 ruling
Plants I can't live without, part 1
Iceland financial crisis: will chill deepen in wake of repayment veto?
Kindle DX: Amazon takes on the world
ADP: US lost fewest jobs since March 2008
Suicide bomb in Russia's Dagestan follows strike on Al Qaeda
Sea Shepherd and Japan escalate annual whaling war
Rising China shrugs off outside opinion
Finding big ideas, solving big problems