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Monitor Articles for January 29, 2010

Sundance: Glitz gets low profile as festival goes back to basics
The Girl on the Train: movie review
Scott Roeder convicted of murder in abortion doctor’s killing
Toyota recall update: dealers face full lots, anxious customers
Why has global warming paused? Water vapor may be in the answer.
Toyota recall update: 'We have a remedy.' Will Toyota's fix work?
Obama's spirited Q&A with House Republicans
Northern Ireland: powersharing dispute threatens to freeze peace process
Tonight will be the biggest, brightest full moon of the year
Roll over Snoop Dogg, Ocampo is new king of the matatu
Is Sarah Palin right? Did feminist groups overthrow the Tebow ad attack?
Russia flexes military power with 'futuristic' fighter jet
Cell phone bans do little to reduce crashes, study finds
China joins multinational naval force to fight Somali piracy
Big hurdles to Obama's $33 billion in tax cuts for businesses
The Monitor's View On board for fast trains
Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad: a Pandora’s box for TV sports?
Obama orders cut in federal government's greenhouse-gas emissions
Haiti earthquake diary: A small circle of Haitian leaders
Unemployed for six months or more – and still looking for a job
Haiti earthquake jolts a million city-dwellers to head for 'home'
In California, quest for cleaner power hits tortoise-sized speed bumps
Potted bulbs are a colorful solution to winter doldrums
Briefing: Why Christians are declining in Mideast
African Nations Cup: Egypt win over Algeria sends national pride soaring
Ex-SEC lawyer convicted in stock manipulation scheme
Honda recall: Steps to take if your Honda Fit is on the recall list
Five tips for creating natural-looking waterfalls
A new world wonder? China's Great Wall remade in tons of chocolate
US sees biggest GDP growth in six years
Why Sony thinks the Apple iPad will be good for the e-book market
GDP report shows US growth surged, but will it last in 2010?
Opinion Move over Kanye West, Taylor Swift and the Millennial generation are taking over music
This just in: Politics as usual grips Washington
Opinion Why has Hollywood forsaken conservatives?
Haiti earthquake coverage: Sleeping to disaster soundtrack
Tony Blair Iraq inquiry: Hussein was risk worth trying to contain
Amid skepticism, Obama reaches out to Republicans
On eve of Apple iPad launch, AT&T pledges to improve network
To fight deadliest Taliban threat in Afghanistan, US troops go low-tech
Prayer for economic leadership in Davos
Haiti earthquake diary: Nadine wants to see her baby
Their winter of discontent
Blair Iraq war inquiry: Calculus of risk on WMD changed after 9/11
The Unnamed
Caesar: Life of a Colossus
Bestselling books, week of 1/21/10, according to IndieBound*