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Monitor Articles for January 21, 2010

No military push against Taliban in 2010, says Pakistan
In Haiti, 82nd Airborne struggles to cope with survivors' needs
Evacuations ordered as storms pound Southern California
Mr. Brown goes to Washington, signs his autograph '41'
With Scott Brown's election, healthcare ball in Pelosi's court
Fans line up as Conan O'Brien makes $45 million exit
Scott Brown Senate win leaves Obama, Democrats scrambling
Citizens United: What the Supreme Court's decision on campaign money means for you
San Andreas fault: Could earthquake happen sooner than expected?
Haiti earthquake diary: Orphans and a sense of community
Haitian orphans: Americans fight red tape to hasten adoptions
The Monitor's View Supreme Court opens the money gates
Obama moves to cut big banks down to size
Four more plants I can't live without
Supreme Court: Campaign-finance limits violate free speech
In Israel, Mitchell presses on with patience honed in N. Ireland
Top 10 ways to spend a Goldman Sachs bonus
3-D glasses get a makeover
Haiti earthquake: Why the Caribbean is a mini ring of fire
Afghanistan: Film archive weathers coups and car bombs, but threats remain
Eco-renovation Tankless water heaters: pros and cons
Tankless water heaters: pros and cons
Haiti earthquake diary: A trip to the morgue
Egyptian female bodyguards mix hijabs with aikido
Firefox 3.6 released
Himalayan glaciers gone by 2035? IPCC mistaken.
France arrests doctor accused in Rwanda genocide
Clinton bluntly condemns China on Internet censorship
China facing a mounting trash problem
Monitor Breakfast GOP officials: no sign of bipartisanship on healthcare reform
After whale wars, Greenpeace tries quieter tack
How Gates, Mullen are building US military's ties with Pakistan
Kindle apps seen as another challenge to Apple Tablet
Global Viewpoint China: the world’s next great economic crash
Talk to the Editor for Jan. 21: President Obama's first year
As Afghanistan war ramps up, one hospital hunkers down to treat soldiers – and Taliban
Ovi Maps heralded as offline alternative to Google
Yemen: Why it’s a bigger problem for Saudi than US
New green wonder: the Hanging Gardens of ... Portland?
Moms a-Twitter over Graco's stroller recall response
Death of Russian journalist in police detention sparks outrage
Mini Cooper SUV? The Countryman beefs up the petite car brand
John Hughes Freedom vs. security: How far can Obama push Iran?
Haiti earthquake diary: Sorry, your cousin didn't make it
Ichiro Ozawa scandal clouds Japan's push for reform
At Haiti golf course, 82nd Airborne runs a refugee camp
When supervisor and employee don't see eye to eye
Graco stroller recall prompts federal review of all stroller safety
US may equip Pakistan with drone aircraft, Gates says
The Value of Nothing