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Monitor Articles for January 20, 2010

Bye Bye Blackbird: USDA acknowledges a hand in one mass bird death
Marine unit headed for Middle East now rerouted to Haiti
Terrorism? Fort Hood report doesn’t mention Islamic extremism.
Schwarzenegger goes to Washington to collect $6.9 billion
The sequel no one saw coming: Sarah Palin to campaign with McCain
Scott Brown’s Massachusetts win fueled by independent voters
El Nino prime culprit for severe weather in California
Scott Brown offered change to Massachusetts. Sound familiar?
Talk to the editor: Obama's tough year
Haiti earthquake: Port-au-Prince in shambles, but much of the country spared
Israel's controversial expansion of Ariel University in West Bank
2010 Census: what you need to know
FHA increases premiums, tightens loan standards
New York Times' 'metered' access follows Pandora, Financial Times
Scott Brown’s victory: Back to square one on healthcare reform?
Poland: Your Ché Guevara T-shirt can land you in jail
The ‘living, breathing’ economy
Q&A: Is Yemen the next Afghanistan?
Beyond the hype: plants that exceed expectations
The Monitor's View Obama’s big job -- jobs
Mt. Rainier's retreating glaciers are making a mess
New Amazon royalty terms could be tied to release of Apple Tablet
Global Viewpoint Israel must get used to the new Turkey
Most German Muslims don't wear headscarves, says report on integration
Haiti earthquake diary: Landing in Port-au-Prince
Opinion Massachusetts election could save Democrats from themselves
Haiti earthquake diary: Flying into Port-au-Prince
Why German public schools now teach Islam
Haiti earthquake diary: Thoughts on the flight to Miami
Goodbye, Columbus
After the earthquake: Haiti's deforestation needs attention
South Korea court rules for teachers' union in free speech case
1/19/10 Monitor Books podcast, including interview with Elena Gorokhova, author of "A Mountain of Crumbs"
Housing starts in 2009 worst since World War II
Bing could become default search engine on iPhone
Coakley concedes race: five lessons from her campaign
Haiti aftershock stirs panic, could hinder last-ditch rescue efforts
Graco stroller recall: Is your Graco stroller affected?
In Philippines, US fights militancy with new classrooms
Haiti aftershock: Why a 6.1 quake isn't that powerful
Virginia shooting suspect surrenders after all-night police chase
Peace, the wilderness, and Afghanistan
Haiti earthquake diary: Cut off from family and friends
Massachusetts Senate race results: Obama's signal that all is changed