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Monitor Articles for January 19, 2010

Opinion Scott Brown: the Ben-Hur of Massachusetts politics
Opinion Scott Brown: the tea party’s first electoral victory
Massachusetts Senate race: Republican Scott Brown wins seat in epic upset
FBI sting nets 22 executives charged with paying bribes abroad
Biggest loser in 'Lenogate': Conan? Nope, 'The Tonight Show.'
Massachusetts Senate race: What will the outcome cost you?
For first time, Asian carp DNA found in Lake Michigan
Timbuktu tech
Memories of a rural mail carrier
Freeze-dried vegetable soup
Verbal Energy All systems go – except when they don’t
Microsoft Zune phone on the horizon?
Massachusetts Senate race: let the blame game begin
Supreme Court rules jury selection must be open to the public
Haiti earthquake: Is the US aid effort too slow?
Congress's early task: What to do about national debt ceiling?
Haiti earthquake: Is the term 'looting' racist? Past Kanye West comments fuel debate
In appreciation of Robert B. Parker, creator of "Spenser for Hire"
Gaza war: Palestinians battle bitterly over Palestinian forces' conduct
Skype traffic soars, leaving old-school phone companies in the dust
Mass election results could change healthcare-reform calculus
Obama pushes to add $1.35 billion to Race to the Top grants
Tips for success with indoor gardening
Obama's foreign policy: what era is it anyway?
HarperCollins lined up to sell e-books for the Apple Tablet
South Africa: 'American Idol' for model prisoners
Haiti earthquake: despite fears of rioting, US starts airdrops
Eco-renovation Are tankless water heaters worth the extra cost?
Are tankless water heaters worth the extra cost?
Haiti earthquake: At epicenter town, one family's dream life shattered
How does Conan O'Brien's severance stack up on Wall Street?
A Supreme Court blow to anti-death penalty icon Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Monitor's View Haitians must help shape their own future
No Supreme Court hearing for mom who asked to read Bible to son's class
What's behind Christian-Muslim fighting in Nigeria?
Massachusetts election: Brown, Coakley try to get out the vote
Why Al Qaeda finds sympathy in Yemen
Afghanistan war: gap grows between US efforts, Afghan expectations
Evergreens that liven up a drab winter landscape
US faces slog against Philippine militants, even with winning strategy
Opinion After a year like his, would Obama make it as an NFL coach?
Guest blog: Book piracy – as much as 10 percent of US book sales?
The Cello Suites
Consider This, Señora
Egypt: Why key US ally in Mideast peace is weaker
Guinea nears civilian rule after September massacre by military
Opinion Letters to the editor
In a drug-ravaged part of Mexico, a young priest fights to keep youths out of gangs
Haiti earthquake: Outside Port-au-Prince, Haitians say they've been forgotten
FBI got 2,000 phone records with fake terrorism emergencies: report
China yanks 'Avatar' for homegrown film
What prayer can do for Haiti