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Monitor Articles for January 18, 2010

In Scott Brown's surprise success, a GOP template for midterms?
David R. Francis Obama can put brakes on big bank bonuses
'Cash for Caulkers' aims to make Americans greener at home
Haiti earthquake: Parents try to shield children from the horrors
Haiti earthquake: US aid by numbers
Adventures in eBayland
Somali pirates fight over record ransom
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Kenya's rising culture club
'Pants on the Ground': Favre playoff edition
Opinion Piñera won. Will he uphold Chile’s post-Pinochet moral legacy?
Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakley: will bad weather affect vote?
Three ways healthcare reform could pass even if Coakley loses
BarMax iPhone app retails for $1,000, but who's buying?
Opinion Elections in Ukraine signal important turn on the road to democracy
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Obama's impact on race in America
Caldecott, Newbery Medal winners announced
Ten Martin Luther King Jr. quotes
Ukraine presidential race revives bitter rivalry
In Haiti, aid is finally getting to the people
The New York Times edges closer to charging for online content
Yemen Al Qaeda group denies that airstrikes killed its leader
What's behind latest Taliban attack on Kabul?
Titian: The Last Days
The Lacuna
Want an MBA from an entrepreneurial hot spot? Look to Israel.