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Monitor Articles for January 14, 2010

Did Copenhagen talks open door to a new global order?
Haitian earthquake relief: Neighbors help neighbors as aid trickles in
Judge: D.C. gay-marriage vote would violate Human Rights Act
Obama rallies worried Democrats on healthcare reform
Obama proposes fee on big banks. But who would really pay?
Marines to aid Haitian earthquake relief. But who's in command?
The Swan Thieves
The Kids from Nowhere
How's the Monitor doing? Here's where to hear an update
Haitian earthquake relief: Obama taps Bush, Clinton for help
Haiti earthquake: UN confronts largest tragedy in own history
London: Squatter artists enjoy million-dollar vacated properties
Apple tablet rumors get interesting with scavenger hunt, lawyering
Commission: three reasons why the financial crisis happened
Nigeria president still out: VP Goodluck Jonathan takes over
Opinion What Haiti needs now: a personal visit from Obama
Haiti earthquake 2010: When disasters hit third world, speed up your donations
For comments on Haiti, Pat Robertson blasted by White House
Doomsday Clock shows signs for hope, need for progress
The Monitor's View Obama's second try at Mideast peace talks
Can the GOP and 'tea party' activists get along?
Pat Robertson Haiti comments: French view theory with disbelief
Haiti earthquake death toll: How does it compare to other disasters?
How the world views Obama at one year
Israel-Turkey spat reveals Israel's new 'national pride' policy
Haitian earthquake relief gets corporate boost from likes of Google, Wal-Mart, GM
Why is it taking so long for Pentagon aid to reach Haiti?
In Haiti, Red Cross, Wyclef Jean change charity a text at a time
Haiti earthquake: A chat with Red Cross at the Haiti-Dominican border
Bailout aftermath: Obama proposes fee on big banks
Haiti earthquake: The nations that are stepping up to help
Obama at one year: new realism in foreign policy
Text of remarks from President Barack Obama on Haiti earthquake
Iraq sentences 11 for August bombing in Baghdad
Wyclef Jean Yéle relief: Is this best way to help Haiti?
Eco-renovation Water conservation – the why and how for homeowners
Water conservation – the why and how for homeowners
'Pants on the Ground': a scolding for young'uns on 'American Idol'
Talk to the Editor for January 14: Disaster relief, Fort Hood, Tea Parties, and more
E-readers: the compatibility conundrum
Rebuilding Afghanistan: Will government take hold in this post-Taliban town?
Writers rally for Haiti
In Yemen, 158 clerics vow jihad if US military intervention broadens
Opinion Want better journalism? Boost news literacy.
Haiti earthquake: Obama pledges $100 million. Send tents, says aid official.
Haiti earthquake: call to let Haitians in US illegally stay
Japan emperor, empress join commoners in 1,000-year-old toast to poetry
Unfinished Desires
Haitian earthquake: Aid starts to pour in, Clinton fears high death toll
Opinion No more dinner parties?
La's Orchestra Saves the World
Monitor Books podcast, including interview with Jayne Anne Phillips, author of "Lark & Termite"
Bestselling books, week of 1/14/10, according to IndieBound*
Haiti earthquake: How to find family
Annuals and perennials that attract birds to your yard
Drone targets Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud. Is he dead?
Google in China: lionized online, brushed off by Beijing
To help stop crime in the neighborhood