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Monitor Articles for January 13, 2010

Prop. 8 trial: Did animosity drive California's gay marriage ban?
Supreme Court blocks plans to broadcast Prop. 8 trial
Nebraska's sweet deal on healthcare reform could lead to lawsuit
Foreclosures hit a record in 2009. This year could be worse.
How Scott Brown is closing gap on Martha Coakley in Senate race
Haiti earthquake damage: Will 'clusters' make aid efforts better this time?
Test for US, Obama in Haiti earthquake response
Haitians in Boston organize aid and wait for word from home
California butterflies having a tough time
Can Google afford to leave China?
Haiti death toll: Government says toll could be massive, but firm numbers elusive
Haiti earthquake: US stops deporting Haitians
Google cyber attack: the evidence against China
Want to help Haiti? Just send a text.
Will Doomsday Clock tick forward or backward? Find out live.
Israel issues second, stronger apology in diplomatic standoff with Turkey
China cyber attacks: Google only one of many US targets
Yemen intensifies fight against Al Qaeda
Did the CIA follow its own rules on double agents?
US sends aircraft carrier to help with Haiti earthquake damage
The geology underlying the devastating Haiti earthquake
Netflix Wii support on the way, joining PS3, Xbox 360, kitchen sink
Haiti earthquake: Head of UN, and other key employees, missing
Robert Gibbs: Democratic voters’ lack of enthusiasm puzzling
Wyclef Jean Haiti earthquake: Singer leads charge to help through Yele Haiti charity - and Twitter
Haiti earthquake damage: How much aid has the US given Haiti in past crises?
Haiti earthquake: 10 UN peacekeepers from Brazil killed
Haiti earthquake relief: Aid workers struggle to provide help
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: Top bankers contrite, sort of
The Monitor's View Haiti earthquake -- a call to a common humanity
Monitor Breakfast Americans give Obama mixed report card on his first year
Haiti earthquake relief: Seven ways to give
Conservationists tell commercial bumblebees to buzz off
Guest blog: Old-fashioned cookbooks or online recipe sites?
Indian tribe sees bright future in solar power
Legendary Brazilian aid worker among the victims of Haiti earthquake
Opinion Want to help the environment and get cash back for cutting carbon emissions?
YouTube spotlights Haiti earthquake
Haiti earthquake: Twitter offers glimpse of the scene, lifeline of hope
Sarah Palin blasts '60 Minutes,' Obama in Fox News debut
Cut flowers with an English accent
Opinion How exile Feng Zhenghu is taking on China's bullying -- from an airport
For Google, China remains closed commercially, too
Into the Story
Miami's anxious Haitian community readies Haiti disaster relief
The All of It
Prayers of love for Haiti's people
My lender, my friend: Lending circles with a Latino twist
Turkey demands Israel apology, threatens to pull ambassador
Google is latest target of aggressive hacking from China
Haiti earthquake: With aid groups already there, relief efforts ramp up quickly
Yemen Al Qaeda chief killed in series of setbacks for terrorists
Google vs. China: Google draws line at censorship in prize market