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Monitor Articles for January 11, 2010

'Necessity' defense: Did abortion doctor need to die?
Gay marriage trial begins with tough questions for both sides
Cold weather ends, but has damage to Florida oranges been done?
Mark McGwire steroids confession: Will it be enough?
Pakistan terrorists target more civilians in 2009
Opinion Sarah Palin and Fox News: a match made in heaven
Google Nexus One review scores dim amid lackluster customer service
Detroit Auto Show 2010: Ford Transit Connect innovates on specs, size
Refugee camps in Kenya brace for some 20,000 Somalis
US walking a tightrope with its Yemen policy
Zimbabwe's language of hope
What can Robert Gates achieve in extra year at Pentagon?
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Egypt salvages its modern treasures
Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd Watson threatens citizen arrests, says donations pouring in
Newest hurdle to how to pay for healthcare reform: unions
Supreme Court rejects appeal in child pornography case
New England's oldest elm tree to be chopped down
Sarah Palin signs with Fox after being attacked on '60 Minutes'
Chávez vows to punish 'bourgeoisie speculation' after devaluing currency
How the Bering Strait influences Earth's climate
Israel’s plan to stem African immigration: Wall on Egypt’s border
Harry Reid is no Trent Lott, White House says
Winter's the time to reassess, reorganize, and prune your garden
US says no plan to cut Israel loan guarantees, but it's been tried before
Up next: 'Al Qaeda in Palestine'?
The Monitor's View C-SPAN’s modest proposal
Lessons from Togo attack for World Cup host South Africa?
Supreme Court refuses challenge to school dress code
What makes an Arab laugh? Report from Jordan's comedy festival.
Kyoto to Copenhagen: Why UN's glacial global warming talks need overhaul
Egypt says Jewish slaves didn't build pyramids
Will drilling more wells in California help or hurt?
Opinion To jumpstart US job market, turn workers into owners
Opinion Best move for the GOP: Embrace the center
African music festival goes smoothly in Mali despite Al Qaeda threats
How is Obama doing with black voters?
Supreme Court looks at constitutionality of sex offender law
When China Rules the World
Nemesis (reader recommendation)
Is Nigerian president Yar'Adua dead? His absence may spark political crisis
North Korea reaches out to US with talk of peace treaty
German hostages in Yemen located
How to read "Game Change"
Singing the praises of a lamium that doesn't spread
Difference Maker Maria Teresa Leal helps women stitch together a way out of poverty
Afghan government: Karzai scrambles to form cabinet as deadline looms
North Korea asks for peace treaty with US: Sincere or delay tactic?
Why China’s unexpected export, import growth is a good sign for others
Finding answers in Christ