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Monitor Articles for September 29, 2009

Q & A: How did Guinea erupt into violence?
How Japan plans to have more babies
Growing number of China incursions into India lead to a strategy change
Hamas, Fatah close in on reconciliation deal
Why Iran's missile tests may not play well in Tehran
Al Qaeda takes multiple hits from US forces
Maine lobsters: $3.50 a pound on Craigslist
Free Roman Polanski? Case shows US-France cultural divide
'Kill Obama' Facebook poll: latest sign of healthcare anger?
First two US soldiers killed in Philippines since 2002
Storm that flooded Philippines gathers strength, heads to Vietnam
'Going Rogue': Sarah Palin's 400-page book due Nov. 17
Facebook poll on killing Obama sign of antigovernment anger
Senate panel defeats public healthcare option. Is it dead?
Lynn Vincent, the other voice behind the Sarah Palin book
Iran's secret site is the missing piece in its nuclear puzzle
Parole holds key to California prison overcrowding
Honor student beaten to death: Can Chicago curb youth violence?
Opinion What do neocons have to do with Obama?
Opinion Are investors missing out on sub-Sahara Africa?
The Monitor's View States that bet on gambling money: a roll of the vice
Consumer confidence dips in US, strengthens abroad
Money Daily Brief: US home prices rise for third straight month
CEOs see sales improving, Business Roundtable survey says
Decline in honeybees highlights importance of wild pollinators
Ken Burns on how democracy saved the best places for all
America's national parks face challenges
Craigslist goes down: apartment hunting, job searching comes to a halt
Motorola confirms Oct. roll-out for the Cliq
Google Wave sends 100,000 invites Wednesday. Two, please.
Garmin Nüvifone G60's tardiness could spell its doom
Civil War Wives
Pompeii: A Novel
Sarah Palin: "Going Rogue" hits bookstores early
Great expectations – despite hard times
Paris rooftops abuzz with beekeeping
Deep water thoughts when the well stops working