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Monitor Articles for September 28, 2009

Could Honduras media crackdown backfire?
Germany's Merkel earns mandate for change
US exit strategy: Empower Iraqis
Yearning for the Golan Heights: why Syria wants it back
NATO chief on Afghanistan: We're not running from the fight
Olympics: Obama vs. Lula? Chicago vs. Rio? Which would you choose?
Got whiskers? Iraqis will notice
Chávez, Qaddafi get chummy at 'South-South' summit
Q & A: The Roman Polanski case. Why now?
German doctors prescribe kids a trip to the theater
No pigeons, no balloons during China's 60th anniversary party
Michelle Obama is 'suntanned'? Berlusconi's Top 5 gaffes
Iran tests longest-range missiles, adding to pre-talk tensions
Twitter, Facebook help Philippines flood survivors flee
Taliban to Germany: Leave Afghanistan or lose Oktoberfest
William Safire: wide-ranging columnist with a gift for words
If McChrystal gets his Afghan surge, how many troops will be there?
Obama to fly to Copenhagen in bid for Chicago to host 2016 Olympics
Difference Maker Preventing suicides in the military
Obama will lobby for Chicago 2016 bid at Olympic vote
Does Obama have time to lobby for Chicago's Olympic bid?
Ken Burns: Allowing guns in national parks is 'foolish'
GOP pins comeback on anger at 'big government' healthcare
The lobbyist through history: villainy and virtue
When Gates stared down the F-22 lobbyists
How Washington lobbyists peddle power
GOP's next hope to unseat Barbara Boxer: Carly Fiorina
Iran missile tests: What they tell the West
US Air Force's class of 2009: pilots who won't fly
Wilson, Williams, West: Are we becoming America the boorish?
Opinion A twitter tour of Western philosophy
Opinion Best place for Muslims to live? America
The Monitor's View Will Obama really prosecute CIA interrogators?
Corporate oaths? Now even business students are expected to be ethical
Money daily brief: On strong yen, markets slip
ECONOMIC SCENE: US can avoid Japan's 'lost decade' of deflation
Companies desert the climate deniosphere
How monarch butterflies find their way to Mexico
iPhone MMS update makes AT&T happy. The users? Not so much.
Google video chalked up ten billion clicks in August
EU on portable audio: Turn it down.
Twitter inspires street name in Palestinian refugee camp
Zipcar parks its iPhone app – finally
Microsoft Bing, coming soon to an NFL jersey near you
The Anthologist
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Monitor Books - Sept. 28, 2009
The Jannissary Tree
Guest blog: Why movies-from-books so often disappoint
Banned Books Week 2009: Plenty of dust kicked up already
What gets depleted, what never does
Bhutanese refugees find their calling as urban farmers
Gardening makes a tough year better